Thursday, December 29, 2011

Feliz Navidad

Hey everyone!!

I hope everyone had an awesome fun Christmas! and I hope you all got a chance to attend church and have an opportunity to think of our savior Jesus Christ.

This Christmas has been the first time I have been without my family and it made me realize how much I miss them how much I miss all of you. But there is really nothing like serving others and the lord on Christmas. On Christmas day we had the opportunity to take some investigators to church, we took a family of 6 the castillo´s and a lady named Jennifer. They all loved it even though the power went out in the middle of sacrament meeting. I loved singing Christmas hymns!

We also had the confirmation of our newest convert Josue Albuquerque. He was baptised on Friday. His baptism was really crazy! We got to the baptism with him and his family at 7 ( when it was supposed to start) and there was no water in the font......even though we filled it up all the way that morning. So we had to fill it up fast with buckets . There weren't very many people at the baptism but the spirit was very strong. I shared the spiritual message (with horrible Spanish)... but every thing turned out good. Josue was baptized by his grandpa, he was very excited and happy to become a member of the church.

Saturday was very eventful we had a Christmas lunch at our zone leaders mamita´s house and we ate shrimp and duck, it was pretty good actually. Then we went back to our house with the zone leaders and two other elders and had a little bbq, we had steak and potatoes and we all bought hammocks and just laid around and watched the best two years.

I had a very fun and spiritual Christmas, and I hope you all did too.

I hope you all strive to become more like Christ everyday, think about the new year coming up and how you can improve, and become more Christlike. This is why we are here on the earth.

I love you all

Elder Jase Warner

Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad, Christmas is coming!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great week before Christmas! This week was a good week down here in Ecuador!

On Tuesday I got to go on an interchange with my zone leader Elder Snow, he is an awesome guy! we had a pretty successful day. Today I went to Guayaquil, I had an interview with Presidente Monolti that was cool i love my president so much.

The other day me and my comp went tracting and we passed the local fire station and saw them playing ping we challenged them to a couple games and talked to them for a bit haha it was pretty fun.

The best thing that happened this week was the finding of the Castillo family. They are an inactive family that we just randomly found and they have a daughter who is 9 named Julisa who is not baptized yet. anyways, we got them all to go to Church on Sunday. Usually we have to go wake people up for church, but when we went to their house they were already up and ready and outside, they were the first one to church!! Awesome family, hopefully we can get them to enter the temple and be sealed together forever.

As for Christmas this weekend we will go to church for sacrament meeting and them go home and stay in our house all day alone. but it is okay we need the extra rest. We will find something to do for fun.

We have a baptism this Friday for Josue Albuquerque, please keep him in your prayers!

I wish you all a merry Christmas and will miss you all!
but I am serving the lord and very happy!


Elder Jase Warner

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is almost here!!

Hey everyone!

Christmas is almost here! There are a couple people here in Santa Rosa that have Christmas trees. I am loving it here so much! This last week we worked super hard! Monday during pday we found a gym to go to for a little bit. My comp has to stay in real good shape for football. Tuesday we went and knocked some doors, we went back to the monkey we found and ended up talking to the guy that owns it, he illegally smuggled it from the jungle. But we taught him and his son. They are cool, they have some believe that god isn't religion, and that everyone of our bodies is its own church of Christ. It doesn't matter what church you go to....god is love. A lot of people here have that belief it seems like. Just the effects of the apostasy.

So Friday we worked sooo hard and didn't really get very many lessons, we got like 2 lessons and walked non stop all day. But Saturday we felt prompted to go to a new area that we´ve never been to and we ended up finding a family who after talking to for like 15 minutes we found out they were inactive members. They have a daughter who is 9 who we set a baptism date for the 8th of January. And we are going to prepare their family to enter the temple and be sealed together for eternity.

We also have a baptism date for the 23rd of December with a kid named Josue . He is awesome he went to church and really liked it yesterday. When the time came to add up our numbers this week we realized that we taught 26 lessons. That's my new record. So hopefully we see some fruits of our hard work.

I love the Christmas season! What better way to spend it than by serving others and sharing the gospel of our savior Jesus Christ. Christ is the light of the world. This is my first Christmas that I have truly experienced what it truly means to give all that you have to the lord and receive nothing in return but seeing the love and peace that comes from obedience to christ´s gospel. You can receive all the presents in the world but he who serves and brings others unto Christ receives the most joy and most valuable gift of all.

I challenge all to be bold in this Christmas season. To remember all that Christ has done for you and give that knowledge to others. Through small and simple actions god works miracles. Invite friends to church, give them a book of Mormon, share your testimony, invite them to talk with the missionaries and be baptized. This is the kingdom of god on the earth. We are his hands and he needs us. He who is not born of water and the spirit can not enter into the kingdom of god. It is our privilege to let the world know.

I pray for you all, As we remember our saviors birth, may we remember what he did for us and that he LIVES he is the Christ.

Love elder Jase Warner

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey everyone!!

Todo bien aqui en Ecuador

Every thing is going great here. We just had the baptism of "Maria Julexi Vargas Sanchez" It was a good baptism we had a lot of members from the ward there to support her. The spirit was very strong during the service and she bore her testimony at the end , it was awesome. She has a very strong testimony of the book of Mormon.

The other day when we were out working we found a monkey! It was tied up to a tree like a pet. But it was so rad! It was swinging around an everything cool like that. We took a ton of pictures of it.

This week was kinda hard for us. All of the baptism dates we have are falling through, because people didn't go to church. Its hard to watch people make bad choices after you grow to really care for them. I cant even imagine the way heavenly father feels about all of the children he has. He really does care and love all of us so much.

Christmas is coming! i cant believe it! It is kinda making me a little bit sad to be honest going into peoples houses and seeing Christmas trees. The good thing is though that on Christmas day we will get a chance to rest a little bit. We cant leave the house except to go to just Sacrament meeting. but last last night we had the chance to watch the Christmas devotional. It was very good but in Spanish.But i loved the music so much and the cool new videos that you can go watch on the internet for free. The part they showed about Jesus birth was awesome! Its always nice to listen to the prophet speak and the apostles. They really do receive so much revelation from god for all of us here on earth. If you didn't watch the Christmas devotional, go and watch it on

I miss you all so much. But I love it here and I love serving the lord. Serving other people really does bring you so much joy.
Christmas is an awesome opportunity to go and serve people!

I love you all

Elder Jase Warner

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Hows it going in the USA? Man I miss that country. Ecuador is way cool though I am loving it here! Love my companion Elder Badger ( from Provo Utah) future pro football player. Love the people, the mission is awesome! This next week we should have 2 baptisms if we get this girl married this week, but the other baptism is for sure happening this week her name is Julexi. Shes black. My first blacktism. She was supposed to be baptized this past week but she had some issues with coffee so this week is the week. The other day she couldn't go to church because she was in the hospital the night before.......she fell out of a mango tree. I felt bad, she got a concussion and at first we thought she was (chuchaqui) hung over. But just falling out of trees. She is all better now, so it should be a great day next Saturday. Spanish is still a struggle but learning everyday! And I love the gospel! Go spread the gospel! Don't be selfish! The gospel needs to be heard by all of Gods children!

I love you all hope all is well.

God speed

Elder Warner

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Times in Ecuador

Hey everyone!!

This Tuesday I got a new companion Elder Badger. He is way cool, he has a little over a year in the mission. Elder Badger has a football scholarship to Notre Dame. But anyways Tuesday we worked really hard and walked so much! But elder badger got a ingrown toe nail and we had to go to the clinic in another city and he got it removed with a knife. It was nasty. But he got orders to rest for 3 days so we sat inside the house the past three days and it felt like forever!! Its crazy when your not working you feel so lazy!!

But we did get to go to church on Sunday and we had an investigator there named Julexi. She is getting baptized this next week!! She is awesome! Its crazy how people just completely can change their life because they feel the love of the savior and the atonement work in their lives.!

On Wednesday we got to go to Guayaquil to have a training session with President Montalti, it was really cool because i got to see all the elders that came with me from Peru.

So this week we get to get back to work and we are going to work so hard!! its weird I just always have the desire to work, so this past week kinda blew. But I love the people here in anta Rosa Ecuador and i love my new companion! we will be very successful together.

I miss you all and pray for you!

Elder Jase Warner

Monday, November 14, 2011

11/11/11 on Bus 11

¡¡Hola norte americanos!!

This week was full of excitement actually! we had a meeting kinda like a zone conference type thing in a city called Machala. It was the day of 11/11/11 and we got a picture in a bus that was bus route 11. we thought that was exciting ha ha. This week i also had two interchanges 1 with a latino Elder Herrara and one with elder Egan! me and Elder Egan are both new missionaries who are bad at Spanish ha ha. So it was very interesting but at the same time we were full of energy and we ended up being very successful! I also successfully hitch hiked for free! And the guy that picked us up was Jehovah's witness... there are so many ( testigos de jehovah) here in Ecuador! They are everywhere and I think it has to do with Spanish translations of the Bible, it says Jehovah in it all over. and its very confusing and it makes it look like Jehovah is heavenly father. but anyways we got two people to our district conference this week Julexi was one and Karina was the other.
We will not be having baptisms this week because Nahin Sanches didn't got to church but next week we will have some the 26th Julexi for sure and Karina if she gets married on the 18th as planned. so please pray for these two people and a man named Gilbert who we now have a date for the first week in December. he is solid! he will be a very good member of the church. we need your prayers! they need your prayers! Yesterday was the last day of my first change! and the other day was mine and elder Egan's 100th day out. so we got pizza together n our interchange. he was my first companion in the Provo mtc.
I love it here in Santa Rosa Ecuador! we don't know yet what the changes are but it is very likely I could have a new companion tomorrow. Because elder Hancock has 5 weeks here in this sector. but who knows really. we will find out tonight.
I hope everything is going well at home en "los estados unidos"
I hope everyone is sharing the gospel as much as possible and being good examples to the people you are around! The lord is building his kingdom and i am so glad we get to all be a part of it!!

le quierro

love Elder Jase Warner

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Banana Land

How is everyone doing?

everything is going great down here in the banana land Ecuador. For real my life is surrounded by bananas if its not what your eating its in site for sure. and we are just surrounded by bananeros- banana farms. my city is known as the banana capitol of the world.

So this week was very good, no baptisms but we got 4 investigators to church and we have a couple of baptisms lined up. but we will see if i get changed next week to a new area or not. I cant believe I've been in Ecuador for a change no ( 6weeks). Time is already flying! there is a lot of work to be done! Right now i am actually in another city called pasaje for a day because my companion elder Hancock, who is a district leader is in Guayaquil for a meeting for a day. So our p day actually got cut in half almost. I am slowly realizing that there is no rest here on the mission not even on pday. Work work work! i am glad because there is just too many people without the gospel in their lives to not work every second of every day.
Next week is our district ( stake) conference so we cant baptize that week, but we have a baptism the 19th. Nahin Sanchez, he is 19 years old and knows the church is true, he just has some problems some times with the word of wisdom. Please pray for him to overcome his trial with this. I have learned that the power of prayer is so real.

the people here are awesome, my companion is awesome i love the mission. I hope all is well!
please pray for me and elder Hancock.

i love you all and i thank you for all your support!

go out and share the gospel!

Elder Jase Warner

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Iguana and the Boon Docks!

Hello everyone!

This week has been full of learning experiences for me and Elder Hancock! I have learned that the Lord gives us challenges and he also blesses us on a daily bases. Everyday this week has been a roller coaster of events and investigators. The start of the week was super slow! And it seemed like nothing was going good at all, but we held our heads high and kept pressing forward. By the time Friday rolled around we had only taught a handful of lessons and didn't place any baptismal dates. Our numbers were horrible and we were walking and walking everywhere and just not teaching lessons.

But Friday rolled around and everything was different. One thing is that we prayed super long and hard the night before for each one of our investigators. But Friday we had this idea to go try an area in our sector that is about 45 minutes away from the rest of our sector (on a bus) to teach. We were the first missionaries hear possibly I'm not exactly sure but I do know one thing....I think it was every ones first time there seeing a gringo.

We taught two lessons there that went very well! And it was cool being just way out in a new area. But that Friday we got 7 new investigators! And placed two baptism dates! The following day we placed another baptism date! So at this point we were really pumped! But Sunday rolled around and we were hoping to get 5 people to church. Lets just say that we got 0 to church.....but the highlight of that Sunday was seeing our convert Aaron get to church early and prepare the sacrament ! It was awesome! The day before he also went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! And the temple is 3 hours away. I believe life in general is the same way, the Lord gives us all trials, but we need to keep our heads high and look to the lord for help and he will give us tender mercies along the way. Happiness/success is just around the corner. And one thing Elder Hancock taught me is that our success is up to the lord to determine not us. Because in the moment we don't know what the Lord has planned for these people we are teaching, we just know that we need to follow the spirit and do our best. Everyone has their agency and we need to have patience with them. The other day on Thursday we had an interchange and I lead my sector, everything went pretty smooth and good. This week i saw like 10 iguanas in our sector, so I was excited! They are pretty cool! I am loving it here, even though I am sweating all the time and getting bit by bugs. I love it!!!!

Oh this week we watched some videos from Preach My Gospel in companion study and I felt the impression to tell you guys how important missionary work at home is!! The members play a huge role in missionary work! We try to make 50 contacts a week, and we teach about 17 lessons a week. But think of how effective and how fast the church would grow and retain members if everyone had a part in the work! Just talking to one person a week and giving the missionaries their name, think of how great that would be! I think at home we get scared to share the gospel with our non member friends. We need to overcome that fear, people need to hear it! On that note I hope you all have a wonderful week!
And I love you all!!Elder Jase Warner

Our Apartment, and the guitar I bought!

Jase didn't tell us, but I'm thinking maybe the bus stop??????

Monday, October 24, 2011

47 Bananas!

¿Que mas?

This week was pretty good here in Santa Rosa Ecuador. We were blessed with another baptism on Saturday, Aaron Carrion. It was actually a very close call. On Friday night we went to go teach Aaron, and his parents told us he was having some doubts. His parents are non members by the way. But we listened and talked to Aaron for about two hours that night trying to figure out what his doubts were. At first he was telling us he wasn't sure it was true, but that was a lie ( people lie here 24/7) its just their culture. So we kept listening with the spirit, and then he said the reason was because of the word of wisdom, which was also a lie. He finally came out an told us it was because his friends at school made fun of his decision to be baptized. But we reminded him of his strong testimony of El Libro De Mormon, and the spirit was there pretty strong. After that he was very excited to be baptized the next day and he brought his whole non member family with him to the baptism! And the next day at church he was in sacrament meeting with his whole family and received the holy ghost. His dad knows a lot about the gospel and I am pretty sure he believes the church is true, he is just stubborn.

We don't have any baptisms for this week, but we have a couple people we are working with. One guy Josias went to church yesterday with us and went to Sunday school and he is a very intelligent guy, but his dad is a pastor at another church. But we are going to rely on the spirit and the book of Mormon to testify to him. The book of Mormon works miracle everyday for us.

Me and elder Hancock are doing great, were working hard!! Then on Saturday we walked probably 20 miles.....and not one lesson was taught that day it seemed like we walked everywhere and Saturday we just walked and walked ! But it takes hard work to get baptisms, and that's what we are here to do!

Some of the food here is hard for me to eat still, the hardest is the fish with the had and tail still on it, and we have been eating fish a lot lately. I feel so bad every time we eat lunch in the members homes which is everyday almost. They barely have money for their own food it seems like and they give up what they do have to us missionary´s. Its a lot of food too! I think they believe they need to give us a ton of food but they really don't need to. There are usually two bananas in each meal and more rice than I can fit in my stomach. Today me and elder Hancock bought 47 bananas for the week. That's how many we eat.....just for breakfast usually!! Its insane!

Our house is actually really nice we have 3 rooms and a living room kitchen and two bathrooms..Its big! And we have a gym now:) We finished building our weight bench the other day and we bench press our gas tank..and we have a pull up bar.

Today I found Brant Wadsworth's letter he wrote me in Spanish at the farewell and I could read it all! so I was happy about that.

Life is good here I'm happy, tired, and love the gospel!

Love Elder

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pix from the First Area!

We got these last week, but I couldn't open them on my computer. Finally got them!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Yummy Cow Parts

How is everyone doing?

I love getting all your emails. So we had two baptisms this week with Genesis and Bryan, it went great I baptized Bryan. Elder Hancock and I sang a song during the baptism and everyone said we sounded like angels. But everyone here is tone deaf.... We had a member in the ward baptize Genesis and it took him 6 tries to get it right, it was pretty funny but it was all good.

I had an awesome experience placing my first baptism date with a 14 year old named Arron Carion, we placed the date in the first visit, and he is getting baptised this next Saturday.

So p-days are kind of boring not being able to play ANY sports at all, not even volley ball. I really don't understand it at all but today i am buying a guitar. I love it here in Ecuador, My Spanish is still bad, but i am learning everyday with my trainer elder Hancock.

Yesterday i ate cow intestine and cow stomach and cow something else that i don't know exactly where it came from on the cow...We eat on average 5-7 bananas a day here, and a ton of rice, and the members like to serve fish, with the scales and heads and tails....yum...not , I don't like fish but I guess I will have too here.

Gringos here get stared at by everyone here, and we are the only white people around...the girls stare at us because they love the way we look and the guys stare at us because there girls are staring at us. Except the drunk guys they just say " hey mister" because that's the only English that anyone knows.

I love it here and we are working so hard but I am happy, oh my address is the mission send it to the mission and they send it to me me with the zone leaders or we go to Guayaquil and get it. So the address that is in my packet, just send packages with the green sticker, if its a white sticker I won't get it, and try to send the packages no more than like 5 pounds each.

And it is about time to start sending Christmas packages, I want peanut butter and razor blades to shave( the ones for the Gillette fusion vibrating razor. And whatever you want pictures, whatever!

Love you all

Elder Jase Warner

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm finally here!

How is everyone doing? I am doing great in my new area in Ecuador! My area is called Santa Rosa 2. I am in the same area as elder Egan my first companion in the Provo MTC we are just in different sectors, but they are bordering sectors so our houses are like 3 blocks from each other.

Santa Rosa is toward the bottom of Ecuador near the coast. It is a city of banana farms and shrimp farms.You can buy like 8 bananas here for 30 cents! So we eat a lot of them:)

My companions name is Elder Hancock. He is from Utah. He only has till February till he goes home and he has been in Santa Rosa for the past 6 months! He is awesome and he is teaching my great. We are doing a lot of work here, and walking everywhere everyday. It is so much walking!! I will need new shoes for sure he says in like 6 months.

The food here is pretty good but we eat huge lunches at members houses around 1 o'clock and our mission is different than a lot in South America cause we have a different mamita that cooks for us everyday as service for free. But lunch is huge and we don't eat dinner usually till 9 at night. There is this place next door to our house that sells the best hot dogs I've ever had in my life for 1 dollar! And banana shakes the best also for 50 cents so that's my dinner every night. We spend 1.50 everyday except for pday....pday we spend15 dollars on groceries. That's my budget. Simple, ha ha.

So I love the people here and I love my president! The first day we got here we met our new comps and did a temple session. The temple in Guayaquil is so nice!! But we slept in Guayaquil the first night and the next morning we headed to our area. It takes 3 and a half hours on a bus to get to Guayaquil from our area. But I just slept the whole way.

We have a lot of pretty good investigators that we have been teaching. We have two baptisms next Saturday!!! Bryan and Genesis Mendoza, they are just kids. But they are awesome! I am baptising Bryan! And we have some other people committed to baptism for the following weeks. We would get a ton of baptisms here if people got married. If two people live together here they call themselves married, but really no one here gets married! I don't get it just a cultural thing, but marriage only cost 6 dollars...they don't like doing it cause to get a divorce its really expensive and a lot of people here are unfaithful to there spouses. But we have a couple that wants to get baptized and so they will get married this week or next week.

The weather here is actually super nice right now its like 65-70 and cloudy-ish and every one who lives here complains that its too cold, ha ha! They are used to it being super hot. But my skin is still sticky 100 percent of the time.

Oh Elder Egan and his companion had a baptism last Saturday! So Egan got one his first week! People here are so willing to listen! They all know that Jesus Christ is their savior already. They are just all Catholic.

But some downers to my mission! We are not aloud to play soccer! Or basketball! And me and my companion are going for 100 percent obedience, so no sports...its crazy to me but oh well.
Ecuador is treating me well, I see the power of prayer everyday already. Me and my comp get along great and we are gong to be very successful together. My Spanish is still bad....but that's okay!

I love you all choose the right!

Elder Warner

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Kite and the Book

This is the story of the Kite and the Book!

Hows it going?! So this week was a great week! last Saturday was sweet! Another great experience tracting and teaching the gospel! Me and my companion elder La Madrid started out by teaching less active members, we taught like 3 lessons but one lady was sick and asked for a blessing. I love how i get to give blessings all the time! And the whole time during the blessing was chewing on my leg....One of those stupid ugly white dogs.

But after we taught all the less active members on our list we then started contacting people in the park. We taught many different people but the people that stuck out the most was a family of 4 people. Dad named Pablo and mother and two little boys. They were all flying a kite and the kite broke so we helped the people fix it. After his kids started flying it again we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he was very interested! He was amazed that i am in Peru for 2 years teaching for the church without getting paid. So when i challenged him to read the introduction and pray about it, before the missionaries came the following Monday. his response was "can i just read the whole book?" I was like of coarse!!! it was crazy! he was like so excited about the book.When we left, he called his wife and kids over and told them that they are meeting with the missionaries on Monday and then he asked if we could pray for them right there in the park, it was awesome! and this guy had never gone to any church in his life!

But anyways i leave to Ecuador now in 6 days! i cant wait! I'm so pumped!" And i am sorry to whoever feels like they are not receiving letters back from me. Because i write everyone back and send them, its just that the mail here is ridiculous. for example the letters i get on Wednesday usually get here the Thursday before, which is usually 3 weeks after u send it to me. and then i cant send a letter till the Monday after and it takes like 3 more weeks. and its not reliable, some of the letters Ive gotten have been opened and stuff. So hopefully the system in Ecuador will be a little better.

But i miss you all and love you so much!
Elder Warner

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Companion

So for everyone,

I love hearing all the comments that are posted up on the blog! I miss everyone so much and its nice to read those!

So this week we didn't get to go out and teach Saturday, so i don't have any really crazy stories. But last Wednesday was the day I got my new companion and his name is Elder La Madrid. he is from Trujillo Peru. He is serving his mission in Mexico. Elder Madrid is probably ten times more mature than my last companion. He pushes me to be better everyday.

Elder Madrid had a pretty hard time before his mission, on his 20th birthday, July 1st this year right before his mission call came in the mail, his dad died out at sea fishing. His whole boat sank and 15 men died with him. My companion was so depressed that he locked himself in a room for 3 weeks and hardly ate anything, loosing a ton of weight and being told that he cant go on a mission anymore because of his health. So he started eating 5 meals a day and started working out 24/7 and now he is here and he is one buff dude! he is like 5´4 and just huge! but his story is pretty inspiring to me. How he took suck a hard situation and still was able to be out here and do what he is supposed to be doing!

Also this past Wednesday we got to go on the tour of Peru. I got to go see the ocean and watch a bunch of guys kinda made me mad not being able to get out there and surf too ha ha. The rest of this week has been class and more class. Me and my companion get along and teach very well together.We have taught a couple times to pretend investigators this week and he is a lot easier to understand than my last companion.but i don't know if that's just cause my Spanish has got a Little better or if its cause he speaks slower. I also taught a lesson to some of the new white missionaries that just got here from Provo and i realized how much i have improved since three weeks ago. Cause before that it felt like i wasn't really progressing.

But i get to go to Ecuador in just 14 days from now!!! i am so excited ! I love the MTC, but it is time for the field! It feels like i have been in here forever! but at the same time it feels like I'm leaving so fast, i don't know how that works, but it does.ha ha well I am sorry that i don't have any teaching stories this week, but i love you all and miss you all so much!

Elder Jase Warner

PS. remember to go to the blog and make your comments! My Dad sends them to me, and I love hearing from you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pix from Peru!

Teaching and loving it!

Hey thank you everyone who commented on my blog! i appreciate the support i have for being out here, cause i have to be so self motivated out here to get any work done. Last Wednesday i went to the temple again and this time i understood about 99 percent of the whole session! I love going to the temple here because its the one time i really get to just relax and feel at peace. i met a senior missionary in the Temple that got there that day from mesa Arizona.

But Saturdays are the best days here for sure! Its the day we go teach out in different city's. So this time we got to just do normal tracting! The area i got to go to was pretty poor, not as bad as the last place but still like nothing i have seen before coming here. It was the first time the MTC has allowed missionaries to teach in this area because its such a dangerous area! There were about ten of us in this area. our main objective was to get in the house and share a message and get there info for the missionaries in the area. The first house we went to we ended up teaching a 18 year old girl and her mom.Long story short they gave us there info and they are meeting with the missionaries next week. The next contact we made was a lady in the park with two kids, we taught her about the plan of salvation and the book of Mormon. i challenged her to read a scripture and we left. on the other side of the park, we were teaching someone else and it didn't go very well but i was watching the other lady we had just taught and she read her book of Mormon we gave her for like 20 minutes, so we went back over there and she told us that she loves it already! so we got her info. Then we taught these two girls who ended up being lesbian.....but this next guy was pretty scary! we are talking to these two guys outside a house in an alley way, and they were kinda making fun of us in Spanish...But we kept talking to them and on of them ended up leaving, when he left the other one let us into his house. His name was Enrique, we taught him the first discussion and how to pray, because everyone here is catholic, at the end of the discussion he said a prayer for no joke, 20 solid minutes! and we were kneeling on wood floor....but in his prayer he said he was sorry for the way he was living his life like 10 times and that he has been wanting help to change it. this guy was around23 years we got his info and left his house, outside his house this lady came up to us and told us that Enrique was one of the biggest cocaine dealers in that area! along with the other guy that was with him, and she said that while we ere in the house the other guy had gone and gathered some friends to beat us up but then they couldn't find us. pretty scary but it just taught me that even though some people are doing some pretty bad things they still have the right to hear this gospel and Enrique is now excited to meet with other missionaries and to attend church.

The last people i am going to talk about is the last door we knocked on that day, it was and old guy who answered saying that we couldn't teach him because his wife was sick inside we asked if we could give her a blessing . he said probably not because they are catholic but he will ask her. she came down and invited us in the house saying if you can teach me something i like that i will let you give me a blessing. so we taught he and the spirit was strong. she then asked if we could give her a blessing. Last time we were asked that my companion said he didn't know how so i wrote down the steps for both of us during the week. So i had the paper in my pocket and i had my oil i anointed and Yepez gave a real short blessing, it was his first time. But after she was in tears. and she was so happy we came and so happy that we were going to have missionaries come next week. I felt so good that day and I'm so excited to get to teach people everyday!

i love it! even getting the door slammed in my face is worth getting the churches name out there i love you all and thanks again for all the support!

Elder Warner

Monday, September 12, 2011

First Picture from Peru!

We got a random email today with this picture of Jase in front of the Lima Peru Temple. He looks happy, which makes us happy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teaching is fun!

Hey everyone!

So just wanted to let you all know that i only can recieve letters on P-day....and i got some dear elders today from the baily´s and grandma and grandpa and i got a letter from the templins! thatnk you all for those letters! And mom dont send any packages! cause any package sent i will have to go down to customs and i will have to pay like 70 bucks to get a little thing of penut butter......not worth it. but those fun fusion things will probablly be fine in envelopes. So anyways......I went to the temple last wednesday and it was awesome! it was all in spanish! interesting, i actually understood like 90 percent of it! we get to go to this store called totus on wednesdays to buy stuff like soap and food and whatever, its like a wall mart so thats fun! and saterday was the best day yet! We went into this town called Ate Vitarte, and taught there for 6 hours! it was awesome!! you might be able to google map it , or look at pictures on google, but this place was the poorest place i have every been! it was bad! like i was teaching in houses that had dirt floors and plywood walls with tarps for the roof. the city looked like a battle scene or a town that got bombed haha but we taught in active members of thechurch and we commited a couple to attend church the following sunday and meet with the missionaries in the area again. so many dogs were running around the city! I guess alot of the dogs have rabies, so thats somthing we had to watch out for! pretty scary cause the day after this heath lay told us all how rabies could kill you pretty fast if the dog has had it for a while. But that city was so cool teaching in! i felt bad though cause my companion and i came across an old man that was sick and he asked us to give him a blessing, and i didnt understand what he was asking at first.....and my companion told him that he didnt know how to give one and by the time i relized what he asked for it was to late! so i studied how to give a blessing all week to be ready for next saterday. Me and my companion Elder yepez get along, its just difficult teaching with him because he talks soooooo fast! i can understand my investigators but not him! we will work through it thoiugh and he got here the same day as me, he will leave next tuesday though. and he is going to argentina. so next wednesday we all get new companions! well i am already out of time! hahaha i hate this 30 minute timer! and the fact we only have on day a week! and it takes like 2 weeks to get a letter...but oh well i miss you all and i pray for you everyday! oh riley evens is in my district and he is way cool!

PS. please comment on the post, my Dad will send those messages to me each week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm in Prison!


heloo everyone! i have been gone for about a month now! its crazy to think i just finished my 4th week today! Peru is so cool!!! Except for the fact that we are in like a pison looking mtc everyday. But today we get to go out to the temple and ride a bus to go shopping for anything that we need. im excited to leave the walls of this place! they have a little guard at the front gate and the walls around the mtC ARE LIKE 15 FEET TALL.Everyday we have gym for an hour, which we spend playing soccer north americans VS. latinos and the first couple days they beat us a lot ....but now we just kick there butts and they get so mad! they start playing so dirty when they are losing! i think they think that thier countries reputation is on the line every game. i wont be suprised is a fight breaks out in a couple of days. but the field is like a dream! its overcast every day and i have been wearing my jacket everyday! i didnt think i would actually wear that thing! so my president at the mtc is pretty cool, very strict! but a good guy. The latinos are late to everything!!!!! my companion takes like 15 minutes to put 1 sock on. I guess its part of there culture to be late to things......frustrating! The north americans are like babysitters here! we have to drag them out of bed, make them take showers haha they never shower! Spanish is hard! My companion talks really slow too me though. But during our lessons together my companion starts talking like super fast! then i totally get lost ....but its okay ill learn. Saterday isgoing to be the first day that we get to go out into the city and teach random people! im excited! it will be a blast! Oh i guess this place is like haunted.....ive heard like 100 different stories of things happening and this really cool elder here named elder massy told me that everynight there are knoccking noises all down his hall all night and he will wake up at like 3 am and hear it! and he isnt the only one that told me that they hear the same things! I feel like the more i learn and use spanish the worst my english and spelling gets. i often find myself foretting how to spell english words. Oh the food!! the food was good for 2 days...then its just got repetitive. For breakfast ....eggs banana, yogurt stuff ( which is the bomb) and juice. lunch....soup rice meat and acake or jello...and juice...dinner.....soup, rice meat and jello or cake... and juice haha they only have juice here....nothing else haha oh and the food here messes averyone up. haha my comanion elder Yepez is pretty cool! except he sings in his bed till about 12 i use earplugs now haha but i miss everyone so much! and love all you!!1

Please comment!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peru - Soccer and VW Bugs!

So yesterday was a very long day! we arrived to the lima mtc at 2:00 am haha but today we just get to do whatever we want ! so the soccer field here is soo tight! weve just been doing that all day and napping. my comanion elder Yaves is from Peru and he doesnt speak any english! its pretty cool, he is a coool guy! this mtc is so small but everyone here is cool and its so much more relaxed here! i love it! today we exchanged our american money to the Sole currency wich is what they use in peru. But i will send u some pictures sometime soon of all this! cause it is soooo rad! i love it! it will be a blast i can already tell! and we are all going to get very good at soccer! oh there are volkswage bugs everywhere here! and a ton of busses too last night on the way from the airport to the mtc we passed a VW campervan that was transformed into an ice cream truck! we also were in a bus and the bus driver almost ran over this dude while he was crossing the steet like the first 10 minutes we were here. that would have been bad! the weather here is amazing! its like 60 degrees all day !

and dont send me any packages......cause if you do ill have to pay customes on it. so just letters throught the pouch and dear elders through the pouch. And u can send the memory cards in letters....bye

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm leaving tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

so today is my last day before i leave to Peru!! i leave at 6 am tomorrow morning! there are going to be 8 elders on my flight going down there and 8 others i think going down a little before us, so we will all be horrible at spanish together when we get there. haha I am going to miss my district here so much! they are all so cool! Elder Beckwith and Egan And I had a slumber party last night in or dorm! it was pretty fun. Elder egans mom sent him a bunch of squirt last night we had a big battle with our whole zone! blast! until the other zone accross the hall got all mad and ruined the fun. The provo MTC has been so awesome! but as awesome as it is, i am so glad and excited to be going down to peru! it is getting pretty repetitive here lol. i feel bad for all the Elders learning japanese and stuff, cause they have to stay here for 12 weeks! that would suck. Im also going to miss 4 square so much! its a blast! but soccer in Peru will be bomb! we were looking at pictures of the field down in peu the other day, its totally rad! Its crazy how every day seems like forever here but now when i look back three weeks has gone by sooooo fast!! once i get out in the field im sure it will fly by! I dont know yet if i will get new companions or not when we get to peru, but i think i would rather just have one companion, it seems harder to balance everything out with 3 people. So the other day my wierd companion elder hafer got a two boxes of crispy cream donuhts. He picked them up on the way to class and when he went to sit down where he normally sits by his desk, his chair wasnt there .........and he totally just fell on the floor and his donuhts went everywhere! funny stuff. he gets at least one package from his mom everyday of food and candy, so we have to throw away like 6 boxes of food before we leave tomorrow. So our investigator Andres who ended up being our 2nd teacher, left to Chile the other day to visit his old mission but we figured out that him and my other teacher hermana stevens have been seceretly in love. lol It was pretty funny when we called her out yesterday, her face turned all red, kinda like what rilee does when she lies about kissing boys. I have so much too pack and i havnt started yet! but oh well if we have to stay up late tonight to finish im fine with it because i wanna fall asleep on the plane. The spirit is so strong here its so awesome! Spanish is still very hard! haha i think it will be for a long time, but it seemed like i was learning so much the first two weeeks and then this last week it feels like its been slowing down a little... but thats alright cause in 40 hours all i will be surrounded by will be spanish. I am pretty stoked about beng on a whole different continent! its insane to think that when i get off the plane everyone i see will be brown! and short.... and i will barely be able to understand anyone. haha. i cant wait to have a bunch of stories to write about in my emails! cause right now i feel like i dont have anything haha but i should have some storiwes to tell once im in peru! tahnks for eveything! i loe you all! and i love all the letters i am getting everyday! they keep me pumped up and happy!
love elder Warner

PS. so can you guys make sure that everyone knows not to send letters to Provo anymore! cuz i wont get them....can you get me Brynns email? Because it takes like forever to get letters in peru. tell everyone that! i pray for them everynight! hows work going dad? I hope everything is good! keep putting your trust in the lord! Your hard work will pay off! im gratefull for how hard you work for the family! it is such a good example to me and how i want to be for my family and even for my working hard! and im trying my best to get good at espanol! well i am officially out of time on the computer . but i will talk to you all on the phone tomorrow! loove you!
elder warner

(Later tonight)

mom thanks for getting a hold of brynn! Tonight we had a fireside and i sang in the choir it was awesome best night i have had here so far! after all the firesides we have a testimony meeting with just our district! the spirit was so strong tonight! one of the most powerfull testimony meetings i have ever been involved in.we all sang together after the meeting was over and we were all in tears by the end. i love my district and i love my calling! i am so glad that i have decided to wear christs name on my shirt and represent him. i can already tell that this will be the best two years of my life,.

elder warner

What a good kid, made Robin cry. We appreciate all of you who have had an influence on Jase, thanks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaving Provo MTC

So, Jase sent us pictures finally, right before he leaves the MTC to go to Peru. He leaves on Wed. morning, flies to Georgia and then onto Peru for 6 weeks in the MTC there. It looks like he had a great time with his companions and district.

Here's the latest letter from him!


......start sending stuff to the Peru MTC. I'll be there next Thursday! I will be able to call you at the airport, especially the Atlanta airport, I have a two hour layover. So we will get some good phone time! I'll email my new address, love you all and miss you!

Love Elder Jase Warner