Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Teaching is fun!

Hey everyone!

So just wanted to let you all know that i only can recieve letters on P-day....and i got some dear elders today from the baily´s and grandma and grandpa and i got a letter from the templins! thatnk you all for those letters! And mom dont send any packages! cause any package sent i will have to go down to customs and i will have to pay like 70 bucks to get a little thing of penut butter......not worth it. but those fun fusion things will probablly be fine in envelopes. So anyways......I went to the temple last wednesday and it was awesome! it was all in spanish! interesting, i actually understood like 90 percent of it! we get to go to this store called totus on wednesdays to buy stuff like soap and food and whatever, its like a wall mart so thats fun! and saterday was the best day yet! We went into this town called Ate Vitarte, and taught there for 6 hours! it was awesome!! you might be able to google map it , or look at pictures on google, but this place was the poorest place i have every been! it was bad! like i was teaching in houses that had dirt floors and plywood walls with tarps for the roof. the city looked like a battle scene or a town that got bombed haha but we taught in active members of thechurch and we commited a couple to attend church the following sunday and meet with the missionaries in the area again. so many dogs were running around the city! I guess alot of the dogs have rabies, so thats somthing we had to watch out for! pretty scary cause the day after this heath lay told us all how rabies could kill you pretty fast if the dog has had it for a while. But that city was so cool teaching in! i felt bad though cause my companion and i came across an old man that was sick and he asked us to give him a blessing, and i didnt understand what he was asking at first.....and my companion told him that he didnt know how to give one and by the time i relized what he asked for it was to late! so i studied how to give a blessing all week to be ready for next saterday. Me and my companion Elder yepez get along, its just difficult teaching with him because he talks soooooo fast! i can understand my investigators but not him! we will work through it thoiugh and he got here the same day as me, he will leave next tuesday though. and he is going to argentina. so next wednesday we all get new companions! well i am already out of time! hahaha i hate this 30 minute timer! and the fact we only have on day a week! and it takes like 2 weeks to get a letter...but oh well i miss you all and i pray for you everyday! oh riley evens is in my district and he is way cool!

PS. please comment on the post, my Dad will send those messages to me each week.

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