Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Hows it going in the USA? Man I miss that country. Ecuador is way cool though I am loving it here! Love my companion Elder Badger ( from Provo Utah) future pro football player. Love the people, the mission is awesome! This next week we should have 2 baptisms if we get this girl married this week, but the other baptism is for sure happening this week her name is Julexi. Shes black. My first blacktism. She was supposed to be baptized this past week but she had some issues with coffee so this week is the week. The other day she couldn't go to church because she was in the hospital the night before.......she fell out of a mango tree. I felt bad, she got a concussion and at first we thought she was (chuchaqui) hung over. But just falling out of trees. She is all better now, so it should be a great day next Saturday. Spanish is still a struggle but learning everyday! And I love the gospel! Go spread the gospel! Don't be selfish! The gospel needs to be heard by all of Gods children!

I love you all hope all is well.

God speed

Elder Warner

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Times in Ecuador

Hey everyone!!

This Tuesday I got a new companion Elder Badger. He is way cool, he has a little over a year in the mission. Elder Badger has a football scholarship to Notre Dame. But anyways Tuesday we worked really hard and walked so much! But elder badger got a ingrown toe nail and we had to go to the clinic in another city and he got it removed with a knife. It was nasty. But he got orders to rest for 3 days so we sat inside the house the past three days and it felt like forever!! Its crazy when your not working you feel so lazy!!

But we did get to go to church on Sunday and we had an investigator there named Julexi. She is getting baptized this next week!! She is awesome! Its crazy how people just completely can change their life because they feel the love of the savior and the atonement work in their lives.!

On Wednesday we got to go to Guayaquil to have a training session with President Montalti, it was really cool because i got to see all the elders that came with me from Peru.

So this week we get to get back to work and we are going to work so hard!! its weird I just always have the desire to work, so this past week kinda blew. But I love the people here in anta Rosa Ecuador and i love my new companion! we will be very successful together.

I miss you all and pray for you!

Elder Jase Warner

Monday, November 14, 2011

11/11/11 on Bus 11

¡¡Hola norte americanos!!

This week was full of excitement actually! we had a meeting kinda like a zone conference type thing in a city called Machala. It was the day of 11/11/11 and we got a picture in a bus that was bus route 11. we thought that was exciting ha ha. This week i also had two interchanges 1 with a latino Elder Herrara and one with elder Egan! me and Elder Egan are both new missionaries who are bad at Spanish ha ha. So it was very interesting but at the same time we were full of energy and we ended up being very successful! I also successfully hitch hiked for free! And the guy that picked us up was Jehovah's witness... there are so many ( testigos de jehovah) here in Ecuador! They are everywhere and I think it has to do with Spanish translations of the Bible, it says Jehovah in it all over. and its very confusing and it makes it look like Jehovah is heavenly father. but anyways we got two people to our district conference this week Julexi was one and Karina was the other.
We will not be having baptisms this week because Nahin Sanches didn't got to church but next week we will have some the 26th Julexi for sure and Karina if she gets married on the 18th as planned. so please pray for these two people and a man named Gilbert who we now have a date for the first week in December. he is solid! he will be a very good member of the church. we need your prayers! they need your prayers! Yesterday was the last day of my first change! and the other day was mine and elder Egan's 100th day out. so we got pizza together n our interchange. he was my first companion in the Provo mtc.
I love it here in Santa Rosa Ecuador! we don't know yet what the changes are but it is very likely I could have a new companion tomorrow. Because elder Hancock has 5 weeks here in this sector. but who knows really. we will find out tonight.
I hope everything is going well at home en "los estados unidos"
I hope everyone is sharing the gospel as much as possible and being good examples to the people you are around! The lord is building his kingdom and i am so glad we get to all be a part of it!!

le quierro

love Elder Jase Warner

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Banana Land

How is everyone doing?

everything is going great down here in the banana land Ecuador. For real my life is surrounded by bananas if its not what your eating its in site for sure. and we are just surrounded by bananeros- banana farms. my city is known as the banana capitol of the world.

So this week was very good, no baptisms but we got 4 investigators to church and we have a couple of baptisms lined up. but we will see if i get changed next week to a new area or not. I cant believe I've been in Ecuador for a change no ( 6weeks). Time is already flying! there is a lot of work to be done! Right now i am actually in another city called pasaje for a day because my companion elder Hancock, who is a district leader is in Guayaquil for a meeting for a day. So our p day actually got cut in half almost. I am slowly realizing that there is no rest here on the mission not even on pday. Work work work! i am glad because there is just too many people without the gospel in their lives to not work every second of every day.
Next week is our district ( stake) conference so we cant baptize that week, but we have a baptism the 19th. Nahin Sanchez, he is 19 years old and knows the church is true, he just has some problems some times with the word of wisdom. Please pray for him to overcome his trial with this. I have learned that the power of prayer is so real.

the people here are awesome, my companion is awesome i love the mission. I hope all is well!
please pray for me and elder Hancock.

i love you all and i thank you for all your support!

go out and share the gospel!

Elder Jase Warner