Monday, October 31, 2011

The Iguana and the Boon Docks!

Hello everyone!

This week has been full of learning experiences for me and Elder Hancock! I have learned that the Lord gives us challenges and he also blesses us on a daily bases. Everyday this week has been a roller coaster of events and investigators. The start of the week was super slow! And it seemed like nothing was going good at all, but we held our heads high and kept pressing forward. By the time Friday rolled around we had only taught a handful of lessons and didn't place any baptismal dates. Our numbers were horrible and we were walking and walking everywhere and just not teaching lessons.

But Friday rolled around and everything was different. One thing is that we prayed super long and hard the night before for each one of our investigators. But Friday we had this idea to go try an area in our sector that is about 45 minutes away from the rest of our sector (on a bus) to teach. We were the first missionaries hear possibly I'm not exactly sure but I do know one thing....I think it was every ones first time there seeing a gringo.

We taught two lessons there that went very well! And it was cool being just way out in a new area. But that Friday we got 7 new investigators! And placed two baptism dates! The following day we placed another baptism date! So at this point we were really pumped! But Sunday rolled around and we were hoping to get 5 people to church. Lets just say that we got 0 to church.....but the highlight of that Sunday was seeing our convert Aaron get to church early and prepare the sacrament ! It was awesome! The day before he also went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead! And the temple is 3 hours away. I believe life in general is the same way, the Lord gives us all trials, but we need to keep our heads high and look to the lord for help and he will give us tender mercies along the way. Happiness/success is just around the corner. And one thing Elder Hancock taught me is that our success is up to the lord to determine not us. Because in the moment we don't know what the Lord has planned for these people we are teaching, we just know that we need to follow the spirit and do our best. Everyone has their agency and we need to have patience with them. The other day on Thursday we had an interchange and I lead my sector, everything went pretty smooth and good. This week i saw like 10 iguanas in our sector, so I was excited! They are pretty cool! I am loving it here, even though I am sweating all the time and getting bit by bugs. I love it!!!!

Oh this week we watched some videos from Preach My Gospel in companion study and I felt the impression to tell you guys how important missionary work at home is!! The members play a huge role in missionary work! We try to make 50 contacts a week, and we teach about 17 lessons a week. But think of how effective and how fast the church would grow and retain members if everyone had a part in the work! Just talking to one person a week and giving the missionaries their name, think of how great that would be! I think at home we get scared to share the gospel with our non member friends. We need to overcome that fear, people need to hear it! On that note I hope you all have a wonderful week!
And I love you all!!Elder Jase Warner

Our Apartment, and the guitar I bought!

Jase didn't tell us, but I'm thinking maybe the bus stop??????

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