Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone!

Hows it going in the USA? Man I miss that country. Ecuador is way cool though I am loving it here! Love my companion Elder Badger ( from Provo Utah) future pro football player. Love the people, the mission is awesome! This next week we should have 2 baptisms if we get this girl married this week, but the other baptism is for sure happening this week her name is Julexi. Shes black. My first blacktism. She was supposed to be baptized this past week but she had some issues with coffee so this week is the week. The other day she couldn't go to church because she was in the hospital the night before.......she fell out of a mango tree. I felt bad, she got a concussion and at first we thought she was (chuchaqui) hung over. But just falling out of trees. She is all better now, so it should be a great day next Saturday. Spanish is still a struggle but learning everyday! And I love the gospel! Go spread the gospel! Don't be selfish! The gospel needs to be heard by all of Gods children!

I love you all hope all is well.

God speed

Elder Warner

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