Monday, July 16, 2012

No subject today

hey every one!!!!
 thanks for the letters and i hope your having fun up there at mammoth pools or where ever you all are. This week has been good we had another meeting with president Montalti. He is really trying to bump up all the numbers in the mission right now. Everything is going well with my little companion elder Mayorga. He always talks about Rilee and always looks at her picture on my wall.....haha but i tell him that he is too short. He is going home in 2 weeks. So he will probably look her up on FACEBOOK. He actually speaks pretty good English. its just that he is only 4 feet tall.
we will be having two baptisms this Saturday. a man named Lider Tumbaco and Ricaurdo Garcia are getting baptized. I'm excited!!
You guys make me miss mammoth pools so much! I want to go so bad!! hey whats with the new hair style that Cole has? and Braiden has a mullet? hahaha that's cool. I will send you guys some pictures of this week. I got to eat McDonalds by the way! i ate a big mac! it was the greatest thing ive tasted in a while.!! I'm living with 3 missionaries right now and they are all very cool  ill send you a picture of all of us. Elder Tait the white one is going home in a couple weeks also.

This week i read and studied the conference talk that elder Richard G Scott gave in the last conference and i was very blown away at the things he said. I loved his talk titled " How to receive personal inspiration and revelation" something like that.....But he says some very interesting things and how we can all receive revelation and what we need to do to receive it. I also read a part of Joseph Smiths book the teachings of Joseph Smith ....there is a part that says that we all need to receive revelation in our lives or it will be impossible to enter into the kingdom of god. i want you all to read the talk and strive to live in a way so that you can all receive revelation for your families and lives.

well i love you all and i hope you all have a blast this time you have together as a family!!

elder Jase Warner

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

feliz dia de indepencia

Today is the 4th of July and not one person knows about it here!!!! its weird!!!

and the same was my birthday yesterday!!! no one knew and I didn't even remember... just a couple of missionaries wished me happy b day and we ate cookies ha ha thanks for the chocolate chip cookie mix!!! but we could only make four at a time cuz we don't have an oven.......we just have a toaster oven haha !

But today was awesome i got to go to the temple for the first time since my first day of the mission. president always says that our work here is for the living and not for the dead. haha when were off the mission we can go to the temple.but after the mission I will have the opportunity to go to the new temple in Gilbert every week!!! 

And today i took my first real nap of the mission. ! 1 hour long!!!!! it was great ! I'm counting it as my birthday present! 

I now have a companion and i am living with 4 missionaries and one is from  Dominican Republic and is 6"4 he is a beast!!! and my companion is barely 4 feet tall hahahahahahah its hilarious! 

i hope everyone is having a good 4t of July and celebrating the freedom that you have.

we live in a good country!! sometimes we don't realize the blessings we are receiving and have on a day to day basis!!! I hope you are all happy and receiving blessings from our heavenly father. If you live right you will be blessed.  that's one of the simplest things in the scriptures and still at times we forget . 

I challenge you all to kneel down tonight and talk to your Heavenly Father, tell his what you are thankful for, tell him what you need to do better and ask for forgiveness, and after live in a way to receive blessings that you need.

i promise you that if you ask you will receive, if you are living right.

i love you all and miss you
elder Jase Warner