Monday, October 17, 2011

Yummy Cow Parts

How is everyone doing?

I love getting all your emails. So we had two baptisms this week with Genesis and Bryan, it went great I baptized Bryan. Elder Hancock and I sang a song during the baptism and everyone said we sounded like angels. But everyone here is tone deaf.... We had a member in the ward baptize Genesis and it took him 6 tries to get it right, it was pretty funny but it was all good.

I had an awesome experience placing my first baptism date with a 14 year old named Arron Carion, we placed the date in the first visit, and he is getting baptised this next Saturday.

So p-days are kind of boring not being able to play ANY sports at all, not even volley ball. I really don't understand it at all but today i am buying a guitar. I love it here in Ecuador, My Spanish is still bad, but i am learning everyday with my trainer elder Hancock.

Yesterday i ate cow intestine and cow stomach and cow something else that i don't know exactly where it came from on the cow...We eat on average 5-7 bananas a day here, and a ton of rice, and the members like to serve fish, with the scales and heads and tails....yum...not , I don't like fish but I guess I will have too here.

Gringos here get stared at by everyone here, and we are the only white people around...the girls stare at us because they love the way we look and the guys stare at us because there girls are staring at us. Except the drunk guys they just say " hey mister" because that's the only English that anyone knows.

I love it here and we are working so hard but I am happy, oh my address is the mission send it to the mission and they send it to me me with the zone leaders or we go to Guayaquil and get it. So the address that is in my packet, just send packages with the green sticker, if its a white sticker I won't get it, and try to send the packages no more than like 5 pounds each.

And it is about time to start sending Christmas packages, I want peanut butter and razor blades to shave( the ones for the Gillette fusion vibrating razor. And whatever you want pictures, whatever!

Love you all

Elder Jase Warner

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Anonymous said...

Hey im so glad to hear youre doing good! That is so awesome you have already got a baptism! way to go! And you ate a cow intestine.. yum, lucky you haha Keep up the good work! Youre already doing an amazing job and im sure the people there love you so much! Keep working on your spanish youll get it soon!! Say positive and dont ever forget how many people you have praying for you:) youre awesome jase!