Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm finally here!

How is everyone doing? I am doing great in my new area in Ecuador! My area is called Santa Rosa 2. I am in the same area as elder Egan my first companion in the Provo MTC we are just in different sectors, but they are bordering sectors so our houses are like 3 blocks from each other.

Santa Rosa is toward the bottom of Ecuador near the coast. It is a city of banana farms and shrimp farms.You can buy like 8 bananas here for 30 cents! So we eat a lot of them:)

My companions name is Elder Hancock. He is from Utah. He only has till February till he goes home and he has been in Santa Rosa for the past 6 months! He is awesome and he is teaching my great. We are doing a lot of work here, and walking everywhere everyday. It is so much walking!! I will need new shoes for sure he says in like 6 months.

The food here is pretty good but we eat huge lunches at members houses around 1 o'clock and our mission is different than a lot in South America cause we have a different mamita that cooks for us everyday as service for free. But lunch is huge and we don't eat dinner usually till 9 at night. There is this place next door to our house that sells the best hot dogs I've ever had in my life for 1 dollar! And banana shakes the best also for 50 cents so that's my dinner every night. We spend 1.50 everyday except for pday....pday we spend15 dollars on groceries. That's my budget. Simple, ha ha.

So I love the people here and I love my president! The first day we got here we met our new comps and did a temple session. The temple in Guayaquil is so nice!! But we slept in Guayaquil the first night and the next morning we headed to our area. It takes 3 and a half hours on a bus to get to Guayaquil from our area. But I just slept the whole way.

We have a lot of pretty good investigators that we have been teaching. We have two baptisms next Saturday!!! Bryan and Genesis Mendoza, they are just kids. But they are awesome! I am baptising Bryan! And we have some other people committed to baptism for the following weeks. We would get a ton of baptisms here if people got married. If two people live together here they call themselves married, but really no one here gets married! I don't get it just a cultural thing, but marriage only cost 6 dollars...they don't like doing it cause to get a divorce its really expensive and a lot of people here are unfaithful to there spouses. But we have a couple that wants to get baptized and so they will get married this week or next week.

The weather here is actually super nice right now its like 65-70 and cloudy-ish and every one who lives here complains that its too cold, ha ha! They are used to it being super hot. But my skin is still sticky 100 percent of the time.

Oh Elder Egan and his companion had a baptism last Saturday! So Egan got one his first week! People here are so willing to listen! They all know that Jesus Christ is their savior already. They are just all Catholic.

But some downers to my mission! We are not aloud to play soccer! Or basketball! And me and my companion are going for 100 percent obedience, so no sports...its crazy to me but oh well.
Ecuador is treating me well, I see the power of prayer everyday already. Me and my comp get along great and we are gong to be very successful together. My Spanish is still bad....but that's okay!

I love you all choose the right!

Elder Warner

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Anonymous said...

10-12-11-Dear Elder Warner. After a dry spell it was very special to receive your first email from Santa Rosa 2 in Ecuador. What a special way to start your stay in Ecuador to attend the Temple and meet your companion Elder Hancock.
Proud of you that you both want to be obedient perhaps you could figure out some exercises you could do in your house each day. Oh are you blessed in the food area my mouth watered when I read about the banana shakes. Grateful you are feeling the power of prayer and that is just the start of more spiritual experiences to come. Your pictures are great & Jase you already look six months older than when you left. Grateful for the forthcoming baptisims and am certain more will follow. Love,
Great-Grandma Dunn