Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Companion

So for everyone,

I love hearing all the comments that are posted up on the blog! I miss everyone so much and its nice to read those!

So this week we didn't get to go out and teach Saturday, so i don't have any really crazy stories. But last Wednesday was the day I got my new companion and his name is Elder La Madrid. he is from Trujillo Peru. He is serving his mission in Mexico. Elder Madrid is probably ten times more mature than my last companion. He pushes me to be better everyday.

Elder Madrid had a pretty hard time before his mission, on his 20th birthday, July 1st this year right before his mission call came in the mail, his dad died out at sea fishing. His whole boat sank and 15 men died with him. My companion was so depressed that he locked himself in a room for 3 weeks and hardly ate anything, loosing a ton of weight and being told that he cant go on a mission anymore because of his health. So he started eating 5 meals a day and started working out 24/7 and now he is here and he is one buff dude! he is like 5´4 and just huge! but his story is pretty inspiring to me. How he took suck a hard situation and still was able to be out here and do what he is supposed to be doing!

Also this past Wednesday we got to go on the tour of Peru. I got to go see the ocean and watch a bunch of guys kinda made me mad not being able to get out there and surf too ha ha. The rest of this week has been class and more class. Me and my companion get along and teach very well together.We have taught a couple times to pretend investigators this week and he is a lot easier to understand than my last companion.but i don't know if that's just cause my Spanish has got a Little better or if its cause he speaks slower. I also taught a lesson to some of the new white missionaries that just got here from Provo and i realized how much i have improved since three weeks ago. Cause before that it felt like i wasn't really progressing.

But i get to go to Ecuador in just 14 days from now!!! i am so excited ! I love the MTC, but it is time for the field! It feels like i have been in here forever! but at the same time it feels like I'm leaving so fast, i don't know how that works, but it does.ha ha well I am sorry that i don't have any teaching stories this week, but i love you all and miss you all so much!

Elder Jase Warner

PS. remember to go to the blog and make your comments! My Dad sends them to me, and I love hearing from you.


Sue Hill said...

Your letters are great I love getting them, I am curious to know if you have received any of my letters to you. You don't have to write me, just let your dad know, so he can tell me. I want you to know I struggle everyday in the office trying to learn Spanish. I have so many parents and calls that come and they never want to talk to me. I love the people, but they are very stubborn and only want to talk in Spanish to Bertha. Love Grandma Sue

templinfamily said...

Ok, so what the heck. Totally wrote a comment last week on your blog and it isn't here. Anyway...keep up the good work, hope you're getting our letters, and I guess we can't send anymore until you get to Ecuador. Sadie has one she keeps asking me to send. It will have to wait. Thanks for being such a good example and being exactly where you are supposed to be right now in your life!!

Love you! The Templins