Monday, May 7, 2012


This week I went to Guayaquil, its a 4 hour bus ride and half of the buss ride is freezing cold and the other half you are sweating a lot!!! But the bus is nice and I got to sleep a little!

But when we got to Guayaquil we waited a couple hours for our companions to arrive and finally they did . All of them were Latins, and I got my first SON elder Zavaleta from Peru. He is 22 years old and very cool. Ready to work. Doesn't complain and doesn't sleep in! So far so good. We had a meeting with president Montalti and a an interview, I love talking to the pres.. We didn't have time to go to the temple but that night I had to sleep on the floor of a another missionaries house with my shirt as a pillow . We woke me up and went back to Cuenca!

We got back on Wednesday and in 3 days we placed 6 new baptism dates and right now we have 11 investigators with baptism dates for the month of may!!! The most I've ever had in the mission. We need all of your help for this Saturday. We have a family that will be baptized but the mom is having a little bit of some doubts. Please pray for her....Her name is Blanca Clavijo. and she has 3 kids....Andrea, Erika, and Jesenia....I really hope and pray that they will be baptized this Saturday. Also this Saturday we have another baptism with Daniel Vinasco he finally turns 18 so we can now baptize him! I'm really excited for the success we are having. I was really worried to train but everything is going very well. I have been praying a lot lately!!

Last night we got to eat dinner!!!!!! with a member for the first time in my mission I didn't eat egg or top ramen for dinner...but we had Ceviche from Peru. Its fish soup, raw fish soup, with onion and lemon..... it is the best !!! I love Ceviche!!! But this week has been very happy and wonderful!

The Lord is helping me and I hope that all of you can put your confidence and trust in the Lord in all your problems. The power of prayer is real! 

I love you all Elder Jase Warner