Friday, September 30, 2011

The Kite and the Book

This is the story of the Kite and the Book!

Hows it going?! So this week was a great week! last Saturday was sweet! Another great experience tracting and teaching the gospel! Me and my companion elder La Madrid started out by teaching less active members, we taught like 3 lessons but one lady was sick and asked for a blessing. I love how i get to give blessings all the time! And the whole time during the blessing was chewing on my leg....One of those stupid ugly white dogs.

But after we taught all the less active members on our list we then started contacting people in the park. We taught many different people but the people that stuck out the most was a family of 4 people. Dad named Pablo and mother and two little boys. They were all flying a kite and the kite broke so we helped the people fix it. After his kids started flying it again we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and he was very interested! He was amazed that i am in Peru for 2 years teaching for the church without getting paid. So when i challenged him to read the introduction and pray about it, before the missionaries came the following Monday. his response was "can i just read the whole book?" I was like of coarse!!! it was crazy! he was like so excited about the book.When we left, he called his wife and kids over and told them that they are meeting with the missionaries on Monday and then he asked if we could pray for them right there in the park, it was awesome! and this guy had never gone to any church in his life!

But anyways i leave to Ecuador now in 6 days! i cant wait! I'm so pumped!" And i am sorry to whoever feels like they are not receiving letters back from me. Because i write everyone back and send them, its just that the mail here is ridiculous. for example the letters i get on Wednesday usually get here the Thursday before, which is usually 3 weeks after u send it to me. and then i cant send a letter till the Monday after and it takes like 3 more weeks. and its not reliable, some of the letters Ive gotten have been opened and stuff. So hopefully the system in Ecuador will be a little better.

But i miss you all and love you so much!
Elder Warner

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Dallin Wilcox said...

dude! that is awesome!! im kinda bummed to hear about the mailing situation because the last letter i sent you probably wont get there until your already in ecuador! dang. well i hope you do get it! that is too bad about the mailing system there but hopefully ecuadors is better! and if it is, make sure to write me so i can get the mailing address!!! i dont care if its just a envelope with a smiley face inside haha! well man thats rad to hear about all that your doin. its so cool that everyone, from what it seems like, is so interested in learning! that is rad! oh by the way. do you remember that night you me carson and i were in huntington beach and it was getting pretty late and we saw that little truck street sweeper cleaning the parkinglot at the beach? and we were all like "ahh that would be sweet!!".... well, tomorrow morning, that will be me! dude i scored a job with this company that does parking lot street sweeping and im a driver!! hahaha!!!!! its great, such a funny job. but anyways. thats awesome man! im totally stoked to hear all of that. also, if you havent heard yet, carson is in boot camp already.. he called me the night before he left and we talked for a little bit. man.. its weird.. your gone, now hes gone.. im next... then who knows whats to follow when we all get back hahahaha!!!!! well good luck in ecuador man! keep on keep it on!
Dallin Wilcox