Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm in Prison!


heloo everyone! i have been gone for about a month now! its crazy to think i just finished my 4th week today! Peru is so cool!!! Except for the fact that we are in like a pison looking mtc everyday. But today we get to go out to the temple and ride a bus to go shopping for anything that we need. im excited to leave the walls of this place! they have a little guard at the front gate and the walls around the mtC ARE LIKE 15 FEET TALL.Everyday we have gym for an hour, which we spend playing soccer north americans VS. latinos and the first couple days they beat us a lot ....but now we just kick there butts and they get so mad! they start playing so dirty when they are losing! i think they think that thier countries reputation is on the line every game. i wont be suprised is a fight breaks out in a couple of days. but the field is like a dream! its overcast every day and i have been wearing my jacket everyday! i didnt think i would actually wear that thing! so my president at the mtc is pretty cool, very strict! but a good guy. The latinos are late to everything!!!!! my companion takes like 15 minutes to put 1 sock on. I guess its part of there culture to be late to things......frustrating! The north americans are like babysitters here! we have to drag them out of bed, make them take showers haha they never shower! Spanish is hard! My companion talks really slow too me though. But during our lessons together my companion starts talking like super fast! then i totally get lost ....but its okay ill learn. Saterday isgoing to be the first day that we get to go out into the city and teach random people! im excited! it will be a blast! Oh i guess this place is like haunted.....ive heard like 100 different stories of things happening and this really cool elder here named elder massy told me that everynight there are knoccking noises all down his hall all night and he will wake up at like 3 am and hear it! and he isnt the only one that told me that they hear the same things! I feel like the more i learn and use spanish the worst my english and spelling gets. i often find myself foretting how to spell english words. Oh the food!! the food was good for 2 days...then its just got repetitive. For breakfast ....eggs banana, yogurt stuff ( which is the bomb) and juice. lunch....soup rice meat and acake or jello...and juice...dinner.....soup, rice meat and jello or cake... and juice haha they only have juice here....nothing else haha oh and the food here messes averyone up. haha my comanion elder Yepez is pretty cool! except he sings in his bed till about 12 i use earplugs now haha but i miss everyone so much! and love all you!!1

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LeSueur said...

Hey Elder Warner,
It is great to read your blog and hear about all the things you are doing. We hope you and your companion are communicating better. That has got to be a challenge, but we know you are up for challenges.Nate got his call to the Recife, Brazil mission which is where Chris is going. We are so excited for them both to be able to go together.
Keep up the great work! We know you can do it. You have a great family who loves you! We look forward to reading and seeing pictures on your blog. We pray the Lord will bless you with your hearts desires and those things you need.

Love, The LeSueur family