Monday, December 5, 2011


Hey everyone!!

Todo bien aqui en Ecuador

Every thing is going great here. We just had the baptism of "Maria Julexi Vargas Sanchez" It was a good baptism we had a lot of members from the ward there to support her. The spirit was very strong during the service and she bore her testimony at the end , it was awesome. She has a very strong testimony of the book of Mormon.

The other day when we were out working we found a monkey! It was tied up to a tree like a pet. But it was so rad! It was swinging around an everything cool like that. We took a ton of pictures of it.

This week was kinda hard for us. All of the baptism dates we have are falling through, because people didn't go to church. Its hard to watch people make bad choices after you grow to really care for them. I cant even imagine the way heavenly father feels about all of the children he has. He really does care and love all of us so much.

Christmas is coming! i cant believe it! It is kinda making me a little bit sad to be honest going into peoples houses and seeing Christmas trees. The good thing is though that on Christmas day we will get a chance to rest a little bit. We cant leave the house except to go to just Sacrament meeting. but last last night we had the chance to watch the Christmas devotional. It was very good but in Spanish.But i loved the music so much and the cool new videos that you can go watch on the internet for free. The part they showed about Jesus birth was awesome! Its always nice to listen to the prophet speak and the apostles. They really do receive so much revelation from god for all of us here on earth. If you didn't watch the Christmas devotional, go and watch it on

I miss you all so much. But I love it here and I love serving the lord. Serving other people really does bring you so much joy.
Christmas is an awesome opportunity to go and serve people!

I love you all

Elder Jase Warner

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