Monday, October 24, 2011

47 Bananas!

¿Que mas?

This week was pretty good here in Santa Rosa Ecuador. We were blessed with another baptism on Saturday, Aaron Carrion. It was actually a very close call. On Friday night we went to go teach Aaron, and his parents told us he was having some doubts. His parents are non members by the way. But we listened and talked to Aaron for about two hours that night trying to figure out what his doubts were. At first he was telling us he wasn't sure it was true, but that was a lie ( people lie here 24/7) its just their culture. So we kept listening with the spirit, and then he said the reason was because of the word of wisdom, which was also a lie. He finally came out an told us it was because his friends at school made fun of his decision to be baptized. But we reminded him of his strong testimony of El Libro De Mormon, and the spirit was there pretty strong. After that he was very excited to be baptized the next day and he brought his whole non member family with him to the baptism! And the next day at church he was in sacrament meeting with his whole family and received the holy ghost. His dad knows a lot about the gospel and I am pretty sure he believes the church is true, he is just stubborn.

We don't have any baptisms for this week, but we have a couple people we are working with. One guy Josias went to church yesterday with us and went to Sunday school and he is a very intelligent guy, but his dad is a pastor at another church. But we are going to rely on the spirit and the book of Mormon to testify to him. The book of Mormon works miracle everyday for us.

Me and elder Hancock are doing great, were working hard!! Then on Saturday we walked probably 20 miles.....and not one lesson was taught that day it seemed like we walked everywhere and Saturday we just walked and walked ! But it takes hard work to get baptisms, and that's what we are here to do!

Some of the food here is hard for me to eat still, the hardest is the fish with the had and tail still on it, and we have been eating fish a lot lately. I feel so bad every time we eat lunch in the members homes which is everyday almost. They barely have money for their own food it seems like and they give up what they do have to us missionary´s. Its a lot of food too! I think they believe they need to give us a ton of food but they really don't need to. There are usually two bananas in each meal and more rice than I can fit in my stomach. Today me and elder Hancock bought 47 bananas for the week. That's how many we eat.....just for breakfast usually!! Its insane!

Our house is actually really nice we have 3 rooms and a living room kitchen and two bathrooms..Its big! And we have a gym now:) We finished building our weight bench the other day and we bench press our gas tank..and we have a pull up bar.

Today I found Brant Wadsworth's letter he wrote me in Spanish at the farewell and I could read it all! so I was happy about that.

Life is good here I'm happy, tired, and love the gospel!

Love Elder


Anonymous said...

I am happy you can eat that many bananas, we buy six and they go rotten before we can eat them all. It's a good thing they are so cheap. It takes a lot of courage for young people to be baptized and put up with their peers on being goodie two shoes. Your pizza looks good in the picture, so that must make you happy. Love Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

Nice about the bananas. I could never eat that many bananas. Sounds and looks like u all are doing really well. I like sharing ur mission. What a neat experience for u and your family. Love, Nancy Wells from SG, Utah.

Anonymous said...

Just remember pioneer children sang as they walked and walked. Walking is good. It helps build an appetite so you can eat more bananas, rice and nasty fish.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. This is danielle