Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm leaving tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

so today is my last day before i leave to Peru!! i leave at 6 am tomorrow morning! there are going to be 8 elders on my flight going down there and 8 others i think going down a little before us, so we will all be horrible at spanish together when we get there. haha I am going to miss my district here so much! they are all so cool! Elder Beckwith and Egan And I had a slumber party last night in or dorm! it was pretty fun. Elder egans mom sent him a bunch of squirt guns...so last night we had a big battle with our whole zone! blast! until the other zone accross the hall got all mad and ruined the fun. The provo MTC has been so awesome! but as awesome as it is, i am so glad and excited to be going down to peru! it is getting pretty repetitive here lol. i feel bad for all the Elders learning japanese and stuff, cause they have to stay here for 12 weeks! that would suck. Im also going to miss 4 square so much! its a blast! but soccer in Peru will be bomb! we were looking at pictures of the field down in peu the other day, its totally rad! Its crazy how every day seems like forever here but now when i look back three weeks has gone by sooooo fast!! once i get out in the field im sure it will fly by! I dont know yet if i will get new companions or not when we get to peru, but i think i would rather just have one companion, it seems harder to balance everything out with 3 people. So the other day my wierd companion elder hafer got a two boxes of crispy cream donuhts. He picked them up on the way to class and when he went to sit down where he normally sits by his desk, his chair wasnt there .........and he totally just fell on the floor and his donuhts went everywhere! funny stuff. he gets at least one package from his mom everyday of food and candy, so we have to throw away like 6 boxes of food before we leave tomorrow. So our investigator Andres who ended up being our 2nd teacher, left to Chile the other day to visit his old mission but we figured out that him and my other teacher hermana stevens have been seceretly in love. lol It was pretty funny when we called her out yesterday, her face turned all red, kinda like what rilee does when she lies about kissing boys. I have so much too pack and i havnt started yet! but oh well if we have to stay up late tonight to finish im fine with it because i wanna fall asleep on the plane. The spirit is so strong here its so awesome! Spanish is still very hard! haha i think it will be for a long time, but it seemed like i was learning so much the first two weeeks and then this last week it feels like its been slowing down a little... but thats alright cause in 40 hours all i will be surrounded by will be spanish. I am pretty stoked about beng on a whole different continent! its insane to think that when i get off the plane everyone i see will be brown! and short.... and i will barely be able to understand anyone. haha. i cant wait to have a bunch of stories to write about in my emails! cause right now i feel like i dont have anything haha but i should have some storiwes to tell once im in peru! tahnks for eveything! i loe you all! and i love all the letters i am getting everyday! they keep me pumped up and happy!
love elder Warner

PS. so can you guys make sure that everyone knows not to send letters to Provo anymore! cuz i wont get them....can you get me Brynns email? Because it takes like forever to get letters in peru. tell everyone that! i pray for them everynight! hows work going dad? I hope everything is good! keep putting your trust in the lord! Your hard work will pay off! im gratefull for how hard you work for the family! it is such a good example to me and how i want to be for my family and even for my mission.im working hard! and im trying my best to get good at espanol! well i am officially out of time on the computer . but i will talk to you all on the phone tomorrow! loove you!
elder warner

(Later tonight)

mom thanks for getting a hold of brynn! Tonight we had a fireside and i sang in the choir it was awesome best night i have had here so far! after all the firesides we have a testimony meeting with just our district! the spirit was so strong tonight! one of the most powerfull testimony meetings i have ever been involved in.we all sang together after the meeting was over and we were all in tears by the end. i love my district and i love my calling! i am so glad that i have decided to wear christs name on my shirt and represent him. i can already tell that this will be the best two years of my life,.

elder warner

What a good kid, made Robin cry. We appreciate all of you who have had an influence on Jase, thanks.

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