Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is almost here!!

Hey everyone!

Christmas is almost here! There are a couple people here in Santa Rosa that have Christmas trees. I am loving it here so much! This last week we worked super hard! Monday during pday we found a gym to go to for a little bit. My comp has to stay in real good shape for football. Tuesday we went and knocked some doors, we went back to the monkey we found and ended up talking to the guy that owns it, he illegally smuggled it from the jungle. But we taught him and his son. They are cool, they have some believe that god isn't religion, and that everyone of our bodies is its own church of Christ. It doesn't matter what church you go to....god is love. A lot of people here have that belief it seems like. Just the effects of the apostasy.

So Friday we worked sooo hard and didn't really get very many lessons, we got like 2 lessons and walked non stop all day. But Saturday we felt prompted to go to a new area that we´ve never been to and we ended up finding a family who after talking to for like 15 minutes we found out they were inactive members. They have a daughter who is 9 who we set a baptism date for the 8th of January. And we are going to prepare their family to enter the temple and be sealed together for eternity.

We also have a baptism date for the 23rd of December with a kid named Josue . He is awesome he went to church and really liked it yesterday. When the time came to add up our numbers this week we realized that we taught 26 lessons. That's my new record. So hopefully we see some fruits of our hard work.

I love the Christmas season! What better way to spend it than by serving others and sharing the gospel of our savior Jesus Christ. Christ is the light of the world. This is my first Christmas that I have truly experienced what it truly means to give all that you have to the lord and receive nothing in return but seeing the love and peace that comes from obedience to christ´s gospel. You can receive all the presents in the world but he who serves and brings others unto Christ receives the most joy and most valuable gift of all.

I challenge all to be bold in this Christmas season. To remember all that Christ has done for you and give that knowledge to others. Through small and simple actions god works miracles. Invite friends to church, give them a book of Mormon, share your testimony, invite them to talk with the missionaries and be baptized. This is the kingdom of god on the earth. We are his hands and he needs us. He who is not born of water and the spirit can not enter into the kingdom of god. It is our privilege to let the world know.

I pray for you all, As we remember our saviors birth, may we remember what he did for us and that he LIVES he is the Christ.

Love elder Jase Warner

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