Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peru - Soccer and VW Bugs!

So yesterday was a very long day! we arrived to the lima mtc at 2:00 am haha but today we just get to do whatever we want ! so the soccer field here is soo tight! weve just been doing that all day and napping. my comanion elder Yaves is from Peru and he doesnt speak any english! its pretty cool, he is a coool guy! this mtc is so small but everyone here is cool and its so much more relaxed here! i love it! today we exchanged our american money to the Sole currency wich is what they use in peru. But i will send u some pictures sometime soon of all this! cause it is soooo rad! i love it! it will be a blast i can already tell! and we are all going to get very good at soccer! oh there are volkswage bugs everywhere here! and a ton of busses too last night on the way from the airport to the mtc we passed a VW campervan that was transformed into an ice cream truck! we also were in a bus and the bus driver almost ran over this dude while he was crossing the steet like the first 10 minutes we were here. that would have been bad! the weather here is amazing! its like 60 degrees all day !

and dont send me any packages......cause if you do ill have to pay customes on it. so just letters throught the pouch and dear elders through the pouch. And u can send the memory cards in letters....bye

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