Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peru - Soccer and VW Bugs!

So yesterday was a very long day! we arrived to the lima mtc at 2:00 am haha but today we just get to do whatever we want ! so the soccer field here is soo tight! weve just been doing that all day and napping. my comanion elder Yaves is from Peru and he doesnt speak any english! its pretty cool, he is a coool guy! this mtc is so small but everyone here is cool and its so much more relaxed here! i love it! today we exchanged our american money to the Sole currency wich is what they use in peru. But i will send u some pictures sometime soon of all this! cause it is soooo rad! i love it! it will be a blast i can already tell! and we are all going to get very good at soccer! oh there are volkswage bugs everywhere here! and a ton of busses too last night on the way from the airport to the mtc we passed a VW campervan that was transformed into an ice cream truck! we also were in a bus and the bus driver almost ran over this dude while he was crossing the steet like the first 10 minutes we were here. that would have been bad! the weather here is amazing! its like 60 degrees all day !

and dont send me any packages......cause if you do ill have to pay customes on it. so just letters throught the pouch and dear elders through the pouch. And u can send the memory cards in letters....bye

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm leaving tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

so today is my last day before i leave to Peru!! i leave at 6 am tomorrow morning! there are going to be 8 elders on my flight going down there and 8 others i think going down a little before us, so we will all be horrible at spanish together when we get there. haha I am going to miss my district here so much! they are all so cool! Elder Beckwith and Egan And I had a slumber party last night in or dorm! it was pretty fun. Elder egans mom sent him a bunch of squirt last night we had a big battle with our whole zone! blast! until the other zone accross the hall got all mad and ruined the fun. The provo MTC has been so awesome! but as awesome as it is, i am so glad and excited to be going down to peru! it is getting pretty repetitive here lol. i feel bad for all the Elders learning japanese and stuff, cause they have to stay here for 12 weeks! that would suck. Im also going to miss 4 square so much! its a blast! but soccer in Peru will be bomb! we were looking at pictures of the field down in peu the other day, its totally rad! Its crazy how every day seems like forever here but now when i look back three weeks has gone by sooooo fast!! once i get out in the field im sure it will fly by! I dont know yet if i will get new companions or not when we get to peru, but i think i would rather just have one companion, it seems harder to balance everything out with 3 people. So the other day my wierd companion elder hafer got a two boxes of crispy cream donuhts. He picked them up on the way to class and when he went to sit down where he normally sits by his desk, his chair wasnt there .........and he totally just fell on the floor and his donuhts went everywhere! funny stuff. he gets at least one package from his mom everyday of food and candy, so we have to throw away like 6 boxes of food before we leave tomorrow. So our investigator Andres who ended up being our 2nd teacher, left to Chile the other day to visit his old mission but we figured out that him and my other teacher hermana stevens have been seceretly in love. lol It was pretty funny when we called her out yesterday, her face turned all red, kinda like what rilee does when she lies about kissing boys. I have so much too pack and i havnt started yet! but oh well if we have to stay up late tonight to finish im fine with it because i wanna fall asleep on the plane. The spirit is so strong here its so awesome! Spanish is still very hard! haha i think it will be for a long time, but it seemed like i was learning so much the first two weeeks and then this last week it feels like its been slowing down a little... but thats alright cause in 40 hours all i will be surrounded by will be spanish. I am pretty stoked about beng on a whole different continent! its insane to think that when i get off the plane everyone i see will be brown! and short.... and i will barely be able to understand anyone. haha. i cant wait to have a bunch of stories to write about in my emails! cause right now i feel like i dont have anything haha but i should have some storiwes to tell once im in peru! tahnks for eveything! i loe you all! and i love all the letters i am getting everyday! they keep me pumped up and happy!
love elder Warner

PS. so can you guys make sure that everyone knows not to send letters to Provo anymore! cuz i wont get them....can you get me Brynns email? Because it takes like forever to get letters in peru. tell everyone that! i pray for them everynight! hows work going dad? I hope everything is good! keep putting your trust in the lord! Your hard work will pay off! im gratefull for how hard you work for the family! it is such a good example to me and how i want to be for my family and even for my working hard! and im trying my best to get good at espanol! well i am officially out of time on the computer . but i will talk to you all on the phone tomorrow! loove you!
elder warner

(Later tonight)

mom thanks for getting a hold of brynn! Tonight we had a fireside and i sang in the choir it was awesome best night i have had here so far! after all the firesides we have a testimony meeting with just our district! the spirit was so strong tonight! one of the most powerfull testimony meetings i have ever been involved in.we all sang together after the meeting was over and we were all in tears by the end. i love my district and i love my calling! i am so glad that i have decided to wear christs name on my shirt and represent him. i can already tell that this will be the best two years of my life,.

elder warner

What a good kid, made Robin cry. We appreciate all of you who have had an influence on Jase, thanks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Leaving Provo MTC

So, Jase sent us pictures finally, right before he leaves the MTC to go to Peru. He leaves on Wed. morning, flies to Georgia and then onto Peru for 6 weeks in the MTC there. It looks like he had a great time with his companions and district.

Here's the latest letter from him!


......start sending stuff to the Peru MTC. I'll be there next Thursday! I will be able to call you at the airport, especially the Atlanta airport, I have a two hour layover. So we will get some good phone time! I'll email my new address, love you all and miss you!

Love Elder Jase Warner

Friday, August 19, 2011

Jase Playing Soccer

So today I got an email from my Mom with this picture, and the caption reading "Robin watching Jase play soccer".

Robin and my Mom have been up in Provo at education week, and have driven by the MTC several times a day to see if they can spot Jase outside. Well today, they did.......or at least that's what they said. I believed it all day, until I talked to my wife tonight. She informed me they were kidding!

Hello!!!! Totally got me!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Family

Well today we got a mailed envelope from Jase. We were very excited. He put inside a folded letter for each kid and one for Robin and I. I will share the letter to Robin and I.

Dear Mom and Dad,

So my hand is super sore from writing so many letters! And I don't have much to say since I just emailed you guys, but I like getting handwritten letters, so I bet you do too. I didn't think I would miss you guys so much! I know that I'm in the right place though! I'm finally getting with the groove of things and I will leave in a week! Crazy!

Time is slow here but fast at the same time it's weird. Sorry if I don't see you Mom at the Temple! But I'm getting a hair cut instead...sorry. I know you and Grandma wanted to "run into me".

Elder Jase Warner

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

P-day 2 in the MTC

Hey everyone!

so Its my second pday! Man do i love pday! haha. Um Sundays are awesome too though, we usually have a priesthood meeting and sacrament with just our branch, and then we study a lot still and have awesome firesides every Sunday night! and i sing in the choir! we usually have some general authorities every Sunday and Tuesday night! its weird seeing yourself singing on the jumbotron! they tell you not to look up at the big screen to see yourself, but i do every time!

So one more day till Devin gets here! it will be cool seeing him! Spanish is still super hard and i think it will be very hard for a while! i got my flight plans for leaving to Peru on the 24th only 8 more days! its crazy! So mom tells me that Spencer and chad and Chris still hangout at our house?

But i love it so much here! the spirit is constantly here all the time! except sometimes during four square! it is like the most competitive game during my gym time! ive only pkayed soccer twice during gym, but i love the shoes Jon gave me! i might need a pair of cheap running shoes though. in fact ...i do pretty bad, cuz the only shoes i have are those turf shoes and these little beat up nikes with no soles. I also need like 5 zoona shirts, medium or large, any color. some of my friends here want some. if i could get all that before Peru that would be sweet.

So last week we went to the temple, it was great! but today instead of the tempke we have haircut appointments, we have to get a hair cut before peru! thats good that mom got her cast off! but im sorry about ansleys foot! and I cant believe Clay started soccer! thats awesome i wish i could see! Oh and i am printing some pictures and sending them in the mail cause i cant email them here at the mtc, but it would be sweet if i had another memory card then we could just rotate. and that way u can put them on the computer and facebook and the blog thing.

so sorry mom and grandma im not going to the temple today which is probably the only time you would possibly run into me. but have fun up at education week! hopefully you learn half the stuff i do in a day! Oh so i get a new investigator named Marylyn. we taught our first lesson to her yesterday and got completely slaughtered! haha, our first investigator Andres is almost baptized mow, he is reading out of the Book of mormon regurally and is wanting to comit to baptism! he was a lot easier to talk to then Marylyn though. so i guess in the peru MTC we get to go out of the mtc alot and teach actual people for practice! it will be hard! because our investigators here talk so slow compared to the natives.

so on pday we wake up at 5:50 so we can get our laundry done and out of the way and by duing that it gives us like 4 hours of freetime, naps, naps, emailing writing letters some pull ups and sit ups and usually the temple. thats what we do on pday. every other day we wake up at 6:30 shower eat and the rest of the day is straight class or study time. they have this computer program called TALL that we do spanidh stuff on 1 hour a day, i learn a lot on that. and then we get 50 minutes of gym. gym is the highlight of eveyday! it clears your mind from all the stress! and the all u can eat food here is good, but i think i am gaining some wait for the first time in my life. haha cause u eat so much and then just sit in class all day

well my time is up....

i love you all and thank you so much for all your letters and dear elders! they are the best! i love getting mail!
love Elder jase warner

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear Cole,

Cole was the lucky one that received a letter from Jase Yesterday. We were all jealous of him!

Como Estas? I miss you hombre!(Man) How is my room? The MTC is an awesome place! I think about you though everyday. It's too bad I didn't take advantage of having a brother as much as I could have! Cause I would love to just spend some time with you right now!

Ansley told me that you bore your testimony in seminary, and it was really good! I'm proud of you Cole. You are strong, you have a wonderful knowledge of this gospel. I want you to know that there isn't a doubt in my mind that it is true. I know that it is! With all my heart!

Ansley said, or Mom, but they said that you got pretty mad on Tuesday after school. Don't let people make you mad. You can control it, Satan knows that you have a short temper, and he knows that you are strong in every other way. Don't let him get in your head. We had a fireside Tuesday, and Elder Cecil Samuelson of the 70 spoke. He said "We can't control how people treat us, but we can control how we react". Don't let people bring you down.

But anyway, Mom said your doing golf now? That's awesome! Let me know how that goes for you!

I'm expecting to hear back from you as soon as possible. Just Dear Elder me so I get it fast, and I will write a letter back to you. But I miss you a ton! and Allie told me that she was going golfing with you? Did you go? Be good for Mom and Dad! And be a big brother to Clay! And be nice to your sisters! You are a good example to them, continue to be!

Love you Bro!
Elder Warner

PS. Whenever you need to calm your anger, or need anything Heavenly Father answers prayers! I know it! He does for me everyday!

PS-#2 Find out Dallin Wilcox Address for me!

No pictures yet from Jase! Not sure how we are going to get them from him, we need to figure it out!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First P-Day!

Spelling is not important to us Warner boys! Sorry you got that from me Jase.

Email 1

Hey! so today is my first P day! And its awesome haha. but we only get 30 minutes on our p day to email. which is going to be every tuesday. I miss you guys too! alot! but I love it so much here! I sent you a hand written letter on thursday i believe so hopefully you got it. I havnt met those two elders yet, but i will look for them. I did meet Elder Larsen yesterday, Dougs son. So I am in a district of about 12 elders, We are all serving in spanish missions. I actually have 2 companions, Elder Hafer and Elder Egan. they are both from utah and we are all going to peru the same time and serving in the same mission. They are awesome for the most part haha i love them! So the first day we got here i walked into my class ( where we spend 90% of our time) and met my teacher Sister Stevens. She has spoke straight spanish to me from that point on! its really hard but amazing how fast i am learning! me and my companions taught our first lesson the second day we were here 100% en espanol, and have taught our investigator Andres eveyday since then en espanol! Its awesomee but very difficult at the same time! I am studying very hard though! Its hard fitting time in to just study the gospel in english, cause of all the spanish. But everything i have studied is for my investigator Andres! Everyday here seems like a week! The food is pretty good, and i feel bloted everytime i leave the cafetiria! An elder in my district Elder beckwith let me borrow his camera charger, but if you can get me one that would be cool! Elder beckwith is from georgia he is way cool he went to BYU hawaii last year, so we talk about surfing a lot! I go to the temple later today and evey Pday. I thought Pday would be more relaxing, but its actually super busy! Oh and i love gym time! i think its the only thing keeping everyone here sane! me and elder beckwith run about two miles everyday and do push ups and pull ups and play soccer or play four square! haha four square here is intense! well i am almost ou of time and i need to read my other emails!
Love Elder Warner

Email 2

hey so thanks for all the emails! everyonce in a while it is nice to recieve letters! since i only get the emails once a week. except the dear elders! i love those so if you could send me those instead , because then i recieve them in my mailbox before pday and it gives me more tim to email you back instead of spending my time reading the emails. But i tell ansley and delaney thank you for your letters they put in my bag! tell every one i miss them so much! i miss cole alot more than i thought i would!! i miss mom and you a ton too! and rilee and ansley and delaney and especially Clay! its weird all i have of you guys is pictures and memories! and ocasional letters! i miss you so much but am so glad to be here! i wrote brynn a letter, tell her to write me back faster!
i hope school is going good for eveyone! and Dad i pray for you and new job oppertunities everynight! i pray for all of you! i love it here the spirit is so strong! well i have to go my time is up but see ya till next tuesday!

Last picture of Jase leaving! Hopefully he will be able to figure out how to get us pix from the MTC!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Letter From MTC

We got our first letter from Jase today, looks like he wrote it on Wed, the day he went in the MTC. So glad he thought to write to us, however, typical Jase writing, very short and vague! We will need to train him on how to include pertinent information, such as companions names, what day P-day is, etc. Enjoy!

Dear Fam,
I got to the MTC about an hour early, so they put us in an early arrival group. I got to eat lunch at the MTC and I met my Spanish teacher who is a sister (Hermana). She can't speak English. I am in the first group to have the new MTC language curriculum, and it is pretty intense. I have to teach my first lesson in Spanish on Friday! My two companions, and yes I have two.....are awesome! We are all three going to the same mission and we are all leaving to Peru together. Everyone says that the first 3 days will be the hardest here with learning a lanuage. But I think I will be fine. Its awesome here! I love it already! I did this thing with my zone leaders tonight called "star tripping" and its where you stand in the middle of lik 10 guys and look up at one of these glowing starts on the ceiling and spin super fast. Ha it was pretty funny and everyone here is so nice! Its incredible how much I feel like I've grown spiritually in just one day! Anyways....I miss you guys and tell Chad and Dallin about star tripping, it's fun! Love you all!

Elder Warner

We will try and post all his letters as they come to us.

Also, here are a bunch of pictures from the open house the other night. Thanks to all the support from all who came and those who couldn't come as well. We feel the support, and appreciate you.

Sean and Robin