Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Times in Ecuador

Hey everyone!!

This Tuesday I got a new companion Elder Badger. He is way cool, he has a little over a year in the mission. Elder Badger has a football scholarship to Notre Dame. But anyways Tuesday we worked really hard and walked so much! But elder badger got a ingrown toe nail and we had to go to the clinic in another city and he got it removed with a knife. It was nasty. But he got orders to rest for 3 days so we sat inside the house the past three days and it felt like forever!! Its crazy when your not working you feel so lazy!!

But we did get to go to church on Sunday and we had an investigator there named Julexi. She is getting baptized this next week!! She is awesome! Its crazy how people just completely can change their life because they feel the love of the savior and the atonement work in their lives.!

On Wednesday we got to go to Guayaquil to have a training session with President Montalti, it was really cool because i got to see all the elders that came with me from Peru.

So this week we get to get back to work and we are going to work so hard!! its weird I just always have the desire to work, so this past week kinda blew. But I love the people here in anta Rosa Ecuador and i love my new companion! we will be very successful together.

I miss you all and pray for you!

Elder Jase Warner

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