Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teaching and loving it!

Hey thank you everyone who commented on my blog! i appreciate the support i have for being out here, cause i have to be so self motivated out here to get any work done. Last Wednesday i went to the temple again and this time i understood about 99 percent of the whole session! I love going to the temple here because its the one time i really get to just relax and feel at peace. i met a senior missionary in the Temple that got there that day from mesa Arizona.

But Saturdays are the best days here for sure! Its the day we go teach out in different city's. So this time we got to just do normal tracting! The area i got to go to was pretty poor, not as bad as the last place but still like nothing i have seen before coming here. It was the first time the MTC has allowed missionaries to teach in this area because its such a dangerous area! There were about ten of us in this area. our main objective was to get in the house and share a message and get there info for the missionaries in the area. The first house we went to we ended up teaching a 18 year old girl and her mom.Long story short they gave us there info and they are meeting with the missionaries next week. The next contact we made was a lady in the park with two kids, we taught her about the plan of salvation and the book of Mormon. i challenged her to read a scripture and we left. on the other side of the park, we were teaching someone else and it didn't go very well but i was watching the other lady we had just taught and she read her book of Mormon we gave her for like 20 minutes, so we went back over there and she told us that she loves it already! so we got her info. Then we taught these two girls who ended up being lesbian.....but this next guy was pretty scary! we are talking to these two guys outside a house in an alley way, and they were kinda making fun of us in Spanish...But we kept talking to them and on of them ended up leaving, when he left the other one let us into his house. His name was Enrique, we taught him the first discussion and how to pray, because everyone here is catholic, at the end of the discussion he said a prayer for no joke, 20 solid minutes! and we were kneeling on wood floor....but in his prayer he said he was sorry for the way he was living his life like 10 times and that he has been wanting help to change it. this guy was around23 years we got his info and left his house, outside his house this lady came up to us and told us that Enrique was one of the biggest cocaine dealers in that area! along with the other guy that was with him, and she said that while we ere in the house the other guy had gone and gathered some friends to beat us up but then they couldn't find us. pretty scary but it just taught me that even though some people are doing some pretty bad things they still have the right to hear this gospel and Enrique is now excited to meet with other missionaries and to attend church.

The last people i am going to talk about is the last door we knocked on that day, it was and old guy who answered saying that we couldn't teach him because his wife was sick inside we asked if we could give her a blessing . he said probably not because they are catholic but he will ask her. she came down and invited us in the house saying if you can teach me something i like that i will let you give me a blessing. so we taught he and the spirit was strong. she then asked if we could give her a blessing. Last time we were asked that my companion said he didn't know how so i wrote down the steps for both of us during the week. So i had the paper in my pocket and i had my oil i anointed and Yepez gave a real short blessing, it was his first time. But after she was in tears. and she was so happy we came and so happy that we were going to have missionaries come next week. I felt so good that day and I'm so excited to get to teach people everyday!

i love it! even getting the door slammed in my face is worth getting the churches name out there i love you all and thanks again for all the support!

Elder Warner


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Elder Warner: Sorry I haven't written sooner but my PC has been down. On reading your latest email know for a fact that you and your companion are really being watched over as you tract. Know you are anxious to reach Ecuador and will soon learn to love and serve your brothers and sisters in that country. The picture of you in front of the Temple was awesome and I felt like I could run (ha) up the hill and give you a big hug. Love & Prayers

Anonymous said...

Great letter! What he does in 1 Saturday I would get done in about 1 month in Georgia. That is so great that the opportunities to teach are so frequent. You better tell Jase not to write about the “almost getting beat up” – that will just worry his mom. But it is amazing how you feel safe and protected as a missionary even around those types of people. When does he leave the MTC for his first regular area?

Christian Warner

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing stories, sounds like he is being blessed. Glad to hear he will doing well. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Teresa LeSueur

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so incredible!! I am amazed at his enriching experiences that's he's already had. That's so awesome. I can't wait for the next letter.

Ashley Warner

Mom said...

Hey Bud, You are a motivation to me. I have three copies of the Book of Mormon that I have identified to give to specific individuals. It's amazing how the opposition works against us. Keep up the good work & be safe. Love you, Grama Cathy

Anonymous said...

Wow, you don't waste any time! You have a lot of guts. Heavenly Father really does watch out for us.