Tuesday, August 16, 2011

P-day 2 in the MTC

Hey everyone!

so Its my second pday! Man do i love pday! haha. Um Sundays are awesome too though, we usually have a priesthood meeting and sacrament with just our branch, and then we study a lot still and have awesome firesides every Sunday night! and i sing in the choir! we usually have some general authorities every Sunday and Tuesday night! its weird seeing yourself singing on the jumbotron! they tell you not to look up at the big screen to see yourself, but i do every time!

So one more day till Devin gets here! it will be cool seeing him! Spanish is still super hard and i think it will be very hard for a while! i got my flight plans for leaving to Peru on the 24th only 8 more days! its crazy! So mom tells me that Spencer and chad and Chris still hangout at our house?

But i love it so much here! the spirit is constantly here all the time! except sometimes during four square! it is like the most competitive game during my gym time! ive only pkayed soccer twice during gym, but i love the shoes Jon gave me! i might need a pair of cheap running shoes though. in fact ...i do pretty bad, cuz the only shoes i have are those turf shoes and these little beat up nikes with no soles. I also need like 5 zoona shirts, medium or large, any color. some of my friends here want some. if i could get all that before Peru that would be sweet.

So last week we went to the temple, it was great! but today instead of the tempke we have haircut appointments, we have to get a hair cut before peru! thats good that mom got her cast off! but im sorry about ansleys foot! and I cant believe Clay started soccer! thats awesome i wish i could see! Oh and i am printing some pictures and sending them in the mail cause i cant email them here at the mtc, but it would be sweet if i had another memory card then we could just rotate. and that way u can put them on the computer and facebook and the blog thing.

so sorry mom and grandma im not going to the temple today which is probably the only time you would possibly run into me. but have fun up at education week! hopefully you learn half the stuff i do in a day! Oh so i get a new investigator named Marylyn. we taught our first lesson to her yesterday and got completely slaughtered! haha, our first investigator Andres is almost baptized mow, he is reading out of the Book of mormon regurally and is wanting to comit to baptism! he was a lot easier to talk to then Marylyn though. so i guess in the peru MTC we get to go out of the mtc alot and teach actual people for practice! it will be hard! because our investigators here talk so slow compared to the natives.

so on pday we wake up at 5:50 so we can get our laundry done and out of the way and by duing that it gives us like 4 hours of freetime, naps, naps, emailing writing letters some pull ups and sit ups and usually the temple. thats what we do on pday. every other day we wake up at 6:30 shower eat and the rest of the day is straight class or study time. they have this computer program called TALL that we do spanidh stuff on 1 hour a day, i learn a lot on that. and then we get 50 minutes of gym. gym is the highlight of eveyday! it clears your mind from all the stress! and the all u can eat food here is good, but i think i am gaining some wait for the first time in my life. haha cause u eat so much and then just sit in class all day

well my time is up....

i love you all and thank you so much for all your letters and dear elders! they are the best! i love getting mail!
love Elder jase warner


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out if all the errors are typing or if Jase really can't spell. So fun to hear what they do everyday.
Love, Grandma Sue

About Me said...

Sue, I copied and pasted, I think it's a combination. He is just as bad hand writing as well.