Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First P-Day!

Spelling is not important to us Warner boys! Sorry you got that from me Jase.

Email 1

Hey! so today is my first P day! And its awesome haha. but we only get 30 minutes on our p day to email. which is going to be every tuesday. I miss you guys too! alot! but I love it so much here! I sent you a hand written letter on thursday i believe so hopefully you got it. I havnt met those two elders yet, but i will look for them. I did meet Elder Larsen yesterday, Dougs son. So I am in a district of about 12 elders, We are all serving in spanish missions. I actually have 2 companions, Elder Hafer and Elder Egan. they are both from utah and we are all going to peru the same time and serving in the same mission. They are awesome for the most part haha i love them! So the first day we got here i walked into my class ( where we spend 90% of our time) and met my teacher Sister Stevens. She has spoke straight spanish to me from that point on! its really hard but amazing how fast i am learning! me and my companions taught our first lesson the second day we were here 100% en espanol, and have taught our investigator Andres eveyday since then en espanol! Its awesomee but very difficult at the same time! I am studying very hard though! Its hard fitting time in to just study the gospel in english, cause of all the spanish. But everything i have studied is for my investigator Andres! Everyday here seems like a week! The food is pretty good, and i feel bloted everytime i leave the cafetiria! An elder in my district Elder beckwith let me borrow his camera charger, but if you can get me one that would be cool! Elder beckwith is from georgia he is way cool he went to BYU hawaii last year, so we talk about surfing a lot! I go to the temple later today and evey Pday. I thought Pday would be more relaxing, but its actually super busy! Oh and i love gym time! i think its the only thing keeping everyone here sane! me and elder beckwith run about two miles everyday and do push ups and pull ups and play soccer or play four square! haha four square here is intense! well i am almost ou of time and i need to read my other emails!
Love Elder Warner

Email 2

hey so thanks for all the emails! everyonce in a while it is nice to recieve letters! since i only get the emails once a week. except the dear elders! i love those so if you could send me those instead , because then i recieve them in my mailbox before pday and it gives me more tim to email you back instead of spending my time reading the emails. But i tell ansley and delaney thank you for your letters they put in my bag! tell every one i miss them so much! i miss cole alot more than i thought i would!! i miss mom and you a ton too! and rilee and ansley and delaney and especially Clay! its weird all i have of you guys is pictures and memories! and ocasional letters! i miss you so much but am so glad to be here! i wrote brynn a letter, tell her to write me back faster!
i hope school is going good for eveyone! and Dad i pray for you and new job oppertunities everynight! i pray for all of you! i love it here the spirit is so strong! well i have to go my time is up but see ya till next tuesday!

Last picture of Jase leaving! Hopefully he will be able to figure out how to get us pix from the MTC!

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