Saturday, August 6, 2011

First Letter From MTC

We got our first letter from Jase today, looks like he wrote it on Wed, the day he went in the MTC. So glad he thought to write to us, however, typical Jase writing, very short and vague! We will need to train him on how to include pertinent information, such as companions names, what day P-day is, etc. Enjoy!

Dear Fam,
I got to the MTC about an hour early, so they put us in an early arrival group. I got to eat lunch at the MTC and I met my Spanish teacher who is a sister (Hermana). She can't speak English. I am in the first group to have the new MTC language curriculum, and it is pretty intense. I have to teach my first lesson in Spanish on Friday! My two companions, and yes I have two.....are awesome! We are all three going to the same mission and we are all leaving to Peru together. Everyone says that the first 3 days will be the hardest here with learning a lanuage. But I think I will be fine. Its awesome here! I love it already! I did this thing with my zone leaders tonight called "star tripping" and its where you stand in the middle of lik 10 guys and look up at one of these glowing starts on the ceiling and spin super fast. Ha it was pretty funny and everyone here is so nice! Its incredible how much I feel like I've grown spiritually in just one day! Anyways....I miss you guys and tell Chad and Dallin about star tripping, it's fun! Love you all!

Elder Warner

We will try and post all his letters as they come to us.

Also, here are a bunch of pictures from the open house the other night. Thanks to all the support from all who came and those who couldn't come as well. We feel the support, and appreciate you.

Sean and Robin

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