Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farewell Weekend

July 31st, and Jase was nervous to give his talk at church. First time he was the concluding speaker, and he didn't like that at all. He did a great job though, as we all knew he would, and it was enjoyed by many. Lot's of family came into town, and we had a great weekend celebrating Jase going on his mission. We had a fun "Jase" scavenger hunt at the mall, a fun time swimming at the Hatches pool (thank you Hatches), and a great Sunday family lunch together. Then Sunday night we had a great open house, lots of Jase's friends and ward friends came in support of Jase. It was quite a wonderful feeling to see so many people come to say goodbye to Jase.

Monday golfing with Cole and a couple buds, and then off to the lake with other friends. This last month has been all about doing things he can't do on his mission. Surfing, beach, dates, golfing, wake boarding, etc. You name it and he did it this last month. We finally had to tell him no more, you are staying home on your last day here. So, the last night, we went swimming as a family, then he and Robin left early to go home and finish packing, which took till one in the morning. One last trip to Walmart for a laundry bag, and then loading his I-pod with appropriate music for the last minutes awake.

5 am came very quickly to the family, as we got up and piled in the van to take Jase to the airport. Of course, I couldn't find parking for the white beast we drive, until an airport worker noticed we have commercial plates (because of the size, have to in AZ), so I got to park in the commercial vehicle only zone! Ran upstairs to Jase hugging and saying goodbye to everyone. He had 4 of his close friends there, and us! One by one we all hugged him and said our last goodbye. He was very quick, as he clearly didn't want to cry! We watched him turn around, go thru security, and walk off for two years!

We hung around till his plane taxied out onto the runway, and lingered for a minute, not sure what we were supposed to do......We love you Jase, Elder Warner, we know you will do a great job. You are such a great example, friend, brother, son, grandson, and great grandson to so many. Good luck, work hard, and obey all the rules. We will enjoy your letters and pictures, and will send you letters and pictures often. We look forward to when you leave the MTC to get our first phone call.













This is not easy!!!


There he goes!







Not sure what to do, go or stay?



We love you Jase, miss you already!
Mom and Dad

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Sue Hill said...

The kids should've planked at the airport, with everyone crying!