Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Family

Well today we got a mailed envelope from Jase. We were very excited. He put inside a folded letter for each kid and one for Robin and I. I will share the letter to Robin and I.

Dear Mom and Dad,

So my hand is super sore from writing so many letters! And I don't have much to say since I just emailed you guys, but I like getting handwritten letters, so I bet you do too. I didn't think I would miss you guys so much! I know that I'm in the right place though! I'm finally getting with the groove of things and I will leave in a week! Crazy!

Time is slow here but fast at the same time it's weird. Sorry if I don't see you Mom at the Temple! But I'm getting a hair cut instead...sorry. I know you and Grandma wanted to "run into me".

Elder Jase Warner

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