Monday, February 20, 2012


Well this week in Cuanca Ecuador was very interesting.

They have a Holiday here called Carnival and I don't like it as a missionary....This Holiday is on the hottest days of the year here, and it consists of throwing water balloons out of your car and having water fights, going to the beach and swimming. Its a holiday just to cool off. It would be fine if i was in the hot parts of Ecuador, but I'm in the coldest area. So all this week I have been dodging water balloons (bombas) that are sometimes fills with water, paint,bleach, ice....I luckily only got hit twice with time right between my legs......that area....

The other day my comp got hit in the face with one ha ha it was thrown out of a white Toyota Carola....later in the week we were knocking doors and found the same Toyota and knocked the door and it was a teenager kid, and when he saw us he was a little shocked. We tried to teach him but he told us he was busy filling up water balloons with his girl friend. All I can say is that he´s lucky that we are missionaries and didn't get him back. But it was funny that we found him.

On the spiritual note we will be baptizing a boy named Jorge Perez this Saturday, so if you could please keep him in your prayers. We also put a baptism date for march 3rd with a girls that is 21 named Anabelen. Her parents are members and she has listened to missionaries before but never actually wanted to accept it. We used and testified the Book of Mormon a lot in her lesson and she really felt it, the Book of Mormon can change peoples hearts. I see it every day with people here I also see it with myself. I am loving El Libro de Mormon!

There are a lot of people here that talk bad about the church false beliefs and false practices. A lot of people here believe it all. But when a person reads and prays for themselves they really do change, they begin to realize that Christ is their Savior and that we can't be happy people and live with our father in heaven after this life with our families forever. They begin to have a purpose in their life. They give up bad habits and start good ones, I know that this book has power to heal the hearts of men. I have seen it first hand in families that were completely broken, that have now been sealed in the temple and are living in a way that brings them true happiness.

I think in my head everyday when I go out to work, who's life can I change today? The awesome thing is, is that its not even me that is doing the changing. Not even my companion, but the Holy Ghost that testifies of the truth. We can all change peoples lives, and we can all change our own. As we study and learn the scriptures, pray, go to church and be examples for others. we need to be light houses for the lost people in this world. They want the gospel they just don't know it yet.

I love you all and I pray for you everyday.

Keep on keeping on

Elder Jase Warner

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