Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey everyone!

This week was tough. I don't have a companion right now.....I live with two other missionaries but I am in my own ward and have my own area. I have been working with a member of the church who is preparing to serve a mission ...he is 18 his name is Andy. But he doesn't really help me teach. He just is my companion during the day. 
But this week I did get my birthday package!!! Thank you to everyone who was a part of that!!!!

This week our fridge door broke off hahaa and we had to rig it to work.....well kinda work....hhaha 

The mission is full of adventures ! Some of them I have to just wait to tell you all when I get back,,,,,,,,,,,Like one that happened this Sunday.......its a secret shhhhhhh.........hahaha all I can say is that there are some crazy people here in Guayaquil but luckily I am a missionary and a representative of Christ and I know that I am always protected.

I hope you all know that I miss and love all of you and that I am out of time to write..........

Sorry that this letter is short

Love Jase

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