Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Areas

This week has been a very interesting and challenging week.
Last Monday I arrived to my new area and me and my companion were living with two other missionaries one of them is Elder Hicken from Utah who also arrived the same Monday as me in the new area. Well about three days later President Montalti took my companion and Elder Hickens companion out of the area and now we are here just us two , working in two different areas together at the same time.
We don't know any of the members and the missionaries before us didn't have any investigators at all so we are just walking around with our maps looking for people to teach and we are having some success. But its a little hard.
This Sunday we went to 2 different wards my ward and my companions ward. I have a new Bishop who got called the Sunday before, and he is only 28 years old.. But he is very cool. Anyways in my companions ward we both gave talks on the importance of missionary work which went well.
So I am temporarily with Elder Hicken from Utah he's cool. He was in Cuenca when I was there. Right now we are working very hard to try and have success in both areas. Its a lot of work but I have 3 baptism dates and he has 1 right now so we are doing pretty well. But its hard to find good people who have decent values here and who are married to there husband. Most people here just live with there husband with out ever getting married.Its a challenge.
I think this place is the only place Ive been to that's hotter or at least feels hotter than Arizona. but that's cuz its super super humid all the time. I sweat a lot if you could imagine.
Oh today we were studying in the house (3rd floor) and there was an earth quake for about 10 seconds. But it was little. And after there were little after shocks for like an hour every 5 minutes or so. I think there might have been a bigger earthquake in another part of south America and we were just feeling that ....idk...
Life good the mission is great!!!
Learning and working hard!!
There is no greater joy than the joy you get from doing the work of the Lord.
Inviting others to come unto Christ!! I invite you guys to invite others!   Oh and mom for that scripture that you wanted or that grandma wanted ....ALMA 29:9 I like that one a lot
I love you all
Love Elder Warner

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