Monday, January 30, 2012


Hey everyone family and friends!

This week has flew by like every week! We had a baptism this week! It went very well and through this baptism we unlocked the doors to many more. We had a very spiritual baptism that effected more people than just Gabriella Lema.

It started out horrible no one showed up , and the alarm to the church was going off for ever! It was us and the girl that was getting baptised we need members to how up in order to have the baptism. After a while I prayed super hard that people would show up and everything would be OK. 30 seconds later a member who holds the priesthood showed up with his wife. He also happened to know the code to the alarm. A minute after that a whole part member family showed up. We had the baptism and long story short we have three new baptism dates because of the spirit at that baptism.

The mom of Gabriella will be getting baptized this week along with a man named Jorge Louise.

We have 6 baptism dates in total right now for February. I am excited!

We are working very hard and I love my comp. But there are changes next Monday so we will see what happens.

I hope everything is going well in North America. The land of the free home of the brave ha ha. Its a different world down here but I love it so much!

The people here think that there are only 5 continents....I argue with everyone that there are 7......

But anyways I love you, all write me! I love getting emails! I included some pictures of the baptism!

Love Elder Jase Warner


Anonymous said...

Elder Warner:
Love reading your letters and seeing your pictures. I copy the letters off and send them to Elder Carlson who is now serving in Virginia. I send him Treyson's, Ty's, and Thomas' also. That way he feels connected to you guys but doesn't have to take the time to actually write letters! :) Keep up the great work!
Sister Lewis (Leif's mom, that Lewis)

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading your letters to your family and friends each week. You are an inspiration to everyone at home. And you look like you're growing everyday. Keep it up! Love Ash.

Anonymous said...

It dawned on me that you might have a friend named Ashley. This is your Aunt Ashley