Monday, January 16, 2012

Rain (lluvia)

Hey everyone!
Hows it going in America??

Everything here in Cuenca Ecuador is going great! I love my new sector and my new companion! Elder Marquez is awesome!

We had 6 baptism dates at the end of the week but then only 2 people showed up to church! So we lost 4 dates but we will make new dates with those other investigators and we placed a new one Sunday after church with a guy named Jorge. I love it when we find people that are just prepared to hear the gospel and accept a baptism invitation right away. Things like that just make my day!

It is very cold here! It has rained everyday since I've been here too! But the people here are very rich and this city is like the united states! Its very nice! my sector is huge!! gandisimo! We take buses everywhere. I'm in a stake now instead of a district. My bishop is a very nice guy, he owns and runs an orphanage here for kids that have disabilities. We go there a lot because we have a convert that lives there. His name is Martin he is very smart an d understands everything but he only knows how to say yes and no, and he cant walk. He as a perfect church attendance though!

So at this orphanage a lot of the volunteers that work there are from the states and are members. They are all girls..... But something like that would be awesome for Rilee!
There is a missionary couple here that are from Arizona who got here the same day as me and they don't speak any Spanish at all!! But they are learning, we found them a family that's in our sector, family Rodas that is from Canada , they speak English, Spanish and French. We have taught them twice now and their children are so excited to go to church and be a part of the primary! The kids know English better than Spanish. It was cool being in a lesson with the senior couple they brought the spirit so strong!

My Spanish is getting better everyday it gets better and better and c
an pretty much say whatever I want to people and can understand everything. I love it here in Ecuador and I love teaching people the gospel. I want all of you to remember that every member of this church is a missionary. ALWAYS! We need to open our mouths and share this wonderful gospel with everyone! No one can enter into the kingdom of god without this gospel. Share it don't be selfish. Think of the families you can help be happy. I love you all and miss you a ton.
Elder Jase Warner

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Val & Terri Galvan said...

Hi Elder Warner,
I think it is awesome the opportunities you are having! I spoke to your mom the other day! You are serving the Lord & your family is receiving many blessings from your service! Keep up the good work!
Sis. Galvan