Monday, April 30, 2012


This week was a very good week! We have 6 baptism dates for the month of may. And we will have one baptism next week her name is Andrea Viavicencio. She is very excited to be baptized and she has gone to church a number of times. I am excited for the baptisms that are coming!

I thought this week I was going to get changed to Guayaquil, because I have been here in cuenca for a while now. But that's not the case. Instead my companion Elder Chicaiza left to the area next door to mine, and I will be training a brand new missionary. I don't know yet who it is or where he is from gringo or Latino? But I will go pick him up from the airport tomorrow in Guayaquil. We will get to go to the temple together and have a meeting with the president of the mission. So I am excited for this new opportunity, and I pray that I will be able to teach this new missionary how to be successful.

This week we had our stake conference, but it was via satellite from salt lake city! It was awesome it was only for Ecuador, and wow it was so good. Elder Christoferson and Richard G Scott spoke also the 70 of our area Elder Nash spoke. They all speak Spanish too, which I didn't know. Elder Scott was a mission president in Argentina in the 60´s and Elder Christoferson was one of the missionaries in Argentina when Elder Scott was president. I thought that was interesting and cool. They talked about the importance of treating your wife good, and that they are our eternal partners. That's exactly what the people here needed also. They tend to have problems with that here, the wives here aren't treated the way they should be. They are more like servants than spouses. But a lot of men in the stake were taught and are now excited to change.
we had 4 investigators in church this Sunday, and I went to church in New Jersey this week. Her name is Cathy, but she is visiting family over there and she will be baptized the 19th of may! She is awesome!

This week I had a very touching experience! I was sitting in conference looking around and noticed that 3 families, that I baptized while I was in a different area before, were sitting in conference in there church clothes!!! Wow I have never been so happy. The joy that I felt was unbelievable. One family in particular was a family in where the dad and mom were going to get divorced because the dad was beating and cheating of his wife. they have 2 boys that also got baptize and they are now a happy family and are the first ones in church every week. There is also another family of a mom and daughter who were there, and they sat right in front of me, the wife before her baptism was also with a man who was cheating on her and she was very unhappy. Now she is a very happy person, and he daughter goes to seminary every morning at 530. I was very happy to see my converts active in the church preparing to enter into the temple and be sealed to their families for time and all eternity.

I am grateful to be a part of the lords work. I love it! and I know that this work is of God.

I love all of you and pray for you

Elder Warner

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