Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey Everybody

This week has been a week of very hard work for me and my comp. we get a long very well and are both excited to work all the time. We had 8 baptism dates for this month lined up and not one of them looks like its going to happen this month.

They will happen but in a little time. Daniel Vinasco who was supposed to have his baptism this week fell through, not because of him but because of his family. Daniel turns 18 years old in one month but he is living with his aunt and uncle who are pastors of the salvation army church.....The night before his baptism they came storming into the church upset. I guess Daniel never told them about his decision of getting baptized...But we tallied to Daniels mom on the phone that lives in Colombia and she said it was fine...Well We had a 2 hour talk with his aunt and uncle about everything and we had no choice but to delay the baptism. But Daniel has been working with a member and he will be going to church still, and be baptized in one month when he turns 18 years old.

it is raining so hard right now!!! wow! all the streets are flooded!

Anyways a lot of hardships this week but we are pressing forward in the work of the lord. I have learned to keep my head up high and trust in the lord with all my heart and i know it will all work out. The rest of our baptisms will happen in the first weeks of may because the last week of march we have a stake conference so we cant baptized that week. Well we can baptized but not confirmed.....And baptism doesn't mean anything with out the holy ghost.

so this week we explored a lot! Our area is huge!!! i mean huge! you could ride on a bus for hours and not find the end...but this week we decided to contact this new area and we had to rock climb a little to get there haha but it went really well besides all the dogs that almost ate us... But we found a lot of good people to teach!

i am thankful to be here in Ecuador serving the lord,. Ive never received a greater happiness for working. Ive learned in the mission that money cant buy you happiness... its the lord that gives it to you when you keep the commandments and put the kingdom of god first in your life.
i love you all and i pray for you daily
strive everyday to put the lord first in your lives.

Jase Allen Warner

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